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10 things you never share/do on Facebook : | 2018

facebook don'ts

Facebook is the most popular social media network which has 1.4 billion active users averagely. monthly 2.2 billion active users. the total worth of Facebook is 84 billion USD, Mark Zuckerberg holds 71 billion USD. the facebook ultimate motto is connecting people and keep them in touch with their friends and families. however, there are some most serious things you don’t do
on Facebook. let me list…

10. Your phone number :

Your phone number is the most private thing you must only share with friends. if you set your phone number public in your FB, just change it private. you can use secondary mobile number or e-mail for login purpose or get OTP [one-time password].
9. Accepting friend request :
Do not accept a friend request from strangers. only accept a friend request from who is your real friend offline too. humans can handle 150 relationships comfortably. so you have real friends under a number of 150. but in facebook friends more than thousands and etc going on.
8. Facebook App :
If you feel your smartphone battery draining fast ? if you installed facebook app it is one of the main reason. facebook app drains the battery because of continuous notifications by background running. not only facebook which apps also get notifications background also drains your battery life. just uninstall facebook app and use your web browser to access facebook.
7. Personal information :
Facebook may ask your favorite music, movies, outfits, food, color like things. why they ask your personal info, facebook may free for you, but they do business. once they gathered your likes and dislikes they definitely show related ads on your facebook homepage. if you are not preferred to view ads try to turn off advertisements in facebook settings and do not give more personal information.
6. Don’t allow your friends to upload your photos :
Yes, Do not allow your friends to upload photos included you face identity. what if your friends try to upload Saturday night party hangout photos, it’s maybe fun for him. what if your spouse see it your boss or your mom. just think about it. you can change face recognition settings from here on the web browser. in mobile Settings>privacy shortcut>more settings>face recognition.
5. Your Location on Photo tags:
Another important thing you not share with timeline posts or photo tags is your location. do not upload photos that have your residential information. keep your residential information private. spreading your home address on social media is not a good one.
4.  Credit card details:
Credit cards, really! Absolutely No. doesn’t share your credit or debit card details. do not share your money wealth related subjects on facebook. not only you using Facebook, hackers too…
3. Relationship Status :
Why don’t you share a relationship status? it has a deep reason to do not share. if you shared you are twin or married on facebook what if your relationship broke? it is not that easy to changing relationship status married to single. you also get rubbish comments. so keep your relationship status private.
2. Birth Day :
Date of birth is the most private thing you kept only between important persons. do not share because of receiving wishes from some strangers. why the date of birth used in most of the banking details and you can view examination results with your date of birth. what if someone uses your date of birth?
1.  Vacation Traveling Status :
The most private thing you never share on Facebook and other social media. you may be shared your costly gadgets, stuff, and your home interiors and residential information. if you share you are in vacation long distance from home, you give an open invitation to burglars come and break into my house. Insurance companies also refuse insurance because of your facebook status.
Finally: I am not suggesting don’t use Facebook as social media, use it wise! 

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