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5 Proven easy ways to make money online! (Fast) | 2018

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Hi, there are you interested in making money online? Bored and tired of failed to make money online? then this post will be very helpful to get an idea about making money online. we all interested in making money online fast but, it’s not comes quickly. internet will make you rich only if you have a passion for it. online business is not like some 9-5 office work, it needs lots of dedication. most of you failed because you failed to select the right path. so I am giving some ideas and ways to make money online :
1. Blogging :
Blogging is the most common platform we all know to make money. but if you do not know things SEO, Keyword research related stuff it becomes difficult. blogging will not give you instant success

it comes with trust and patience. you can succeed only gets lots of visitors, to get lots of visitors you must write interesting and useful content. how blogs make money? by Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and other Ads publishing networks.

useful articles for bloggers:
2. Vlogging :
Vlogging is nothing just video blogging. instead of writing making video about a content. the best video blogging platform is youtube a part of Google. if you are a video blogger you must need high definition video camera, the best video editing software and most important confidence to make a video. as like blogging, you need to make interesting and rich contents to attract more viewers. ok, how I get money from youtube? apply for Google Adsense and place ads on your videos, get paid!
3. Affiliate Marketing :
Affiliate marketing also a great and easy way to make real money online. what is affiliate marketing? referring to someone’s products or properties to someone else. affiliate marketer role is to be a medium of seller and buyer. get paid by the seller for a referral. on the internet, you can be an affiliate marketer by sitting in front of your computer or mobile. where do I start affiliate marketing? Amazon associates are a famous platform to make some real money and trustworthy. Also, Amazon associates have some limitation to participate affiliate program.
Some Cool Affiliate marketing example websites [ Helpful to get an Idea] :
4. Amazon Mechanical Turk :
Mturk Review: Amazon Mechanical Turk is known as Mturk part of an Amazon Pvt. limited. Mturk is microworker based freelance work. the genuine online work if you prefer to make some money by data entry jobs and survey jobs. Mturk has lots of works you can select a work which meets your talents.
But, Amazon Mturk not opened their service worldwide. due to poor quality work, they prefer only native English countries. you can check Mturk approved countries here! 
mturk india : Literally they stopped accepting Indian application since 2012. however, they accept Indian applications after a long time waiting approximately 2 years.
Payment Methods :
  • Direct wire transfer for US citizens
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Bank Transfers outside US only qualifies
  • On-demand payment


5. Domain Name Flipping :
What is domain name flipping? buying and selling domains. this one is a hot business on the internet. buy a domain and add some value to it like Alexa rank and sell the deal is profitable. buy short length easily memorizable name with popular extensions ex:.COM, .NET, .ORG.
Conclusion :
Above discussed methods are absolutely money making ways but, remember the dedication and hard work only help. there is no shortcut to success. I hope this article gave an idea about making money online. if you found this helpful share with your friends and also comment any other methods to make money online that not listed above!

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