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5 Simple tips to improve laptop battery life (that’s actually works)

Improve Laptop battery life

Is your laptop battery draining fast? your battery life reduced? here the simple tips that actually help to improve battery life long.

1. Adjusting Screen Brightness:

It may look the most common method, but reducing screen brightness as possible can improve your battery life. also, windows can give a warning if you are using high brightness as your current screen brightness can affect your battery life.

2. Don’t Overcharge:

Once your battery power reached 100% percent you must plug out charger from a socket. overcharging a laptop will end with poor battery life. once your battery affected with overcharging there is no way to recover its full power capacity.

3. Switch Power Profiles:

Windows laptops have a default power profiles Balanced, High performance, and Power Saver. some people don’t have an idea what’s its use. if you are doing light office work power saver mode is enough to use.
what power saver does?: Power Saver option uses very low graphics resources to improve battery usage.
Balanced mode: Watching movies, browsing an internet, live video streaming kind of works use power saver. it uses balanced graphics resources.
High Performance: Only use when gaming. because gaming uses full graphics resources. it can drain your battery backup fast.

4. Never Install Third-party battery apps:

There is lots of free opensource software available online to increase your battery life. nope, never go for these kinds of third-party software. instead of improving your battery life some can damage your battery. if you need an additional battery management software go for your manufacturer’s official software.  for example, I am using hp battery if I need software like battery calibration I can get it from official hp website.

5. Wallpapers:

Wallpapers auto slide on a battery can reduce battery backup. when your laptop is on battery don’t use auto slide wallpaper. also, avoid screensavers.

Additional tip: In case you are not gonna use a laptop long time just remove the battery and wrap it with polythene and store it in a dry, safe place.

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