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Earn money with Amazon affiliate – Idea + Important tips!


Making money online is the most searched term on Google. but all of them are not find what they want exactly. only a few of them made it. others?

It’s not their mistake or inability. they just don’t know how to get it done in the right way. the truth is they don’t know where to start. most of the time they misguided by online scams and they thought all of the online money making methods are fake.

There are lots of ways to make money online genuinely out there. like Blogging. you can monetize your blog with Adsense, Affiliate marketing and tons of other ways. this post covers about successful affiliate marketing with Amazon associate program.

Past couple of years Bitcoin fever caught up everybody. some people mined, some bought and some scammed by scammers. I say the Bitcoin ad clicking scam websites. when it comes to online work almost everything fake as I said. only one is genuine in crowd-sourced work. that is Amazon Mturk. it’s completely free(No affiliate) and good to go. it’s an Amazon company.

Okay, let’s jump into our topic. Mturk helps you to make a side income. but the true online business is Affiliate marketing. even Adsense is not better than Affiliate marketing. because Adsense pays you based CPC and views, clicks. Affiliate programs only pay for action but the commission is High.

When it comes to Affiliate Amazon Associates or Amazon Affiliate is the best for beginners and experienced one too. it’s a hell of large online product selling company.

Why Amazon Associates?

Very easy to sign up, instant approval, large product variety could be suitable for all Niches. but one thing there is not fair. it’s their commision rate. their commision rate falls between 10 to 1 %.  and their cookies only last for 24 hours. I know that’s a very low time period. but the plus point is it’s trusted brand(Trade Mark).

User-friendly affiliate interface, Guaranteed payments.

How to sign up Amazon Associates?

Before signup, you need a website to get Amazon approval. they ask your website Name and your website details while signing up. Get the cheapest and one-click WordPress Installation Hosting with a Free .com domain.

  1. visit 
  2. and click join now for free
  3. and proceed the further information asked
  4. then visit


Now you got a stripe on the top of the website( or Amazon country-specific website). by using this stripe you can easily generate affiliate links of any products and pages. not only product link, product images, Image with the price also custom native shopping ads too.

Ideas to Earn money with Amazon Affiliate:

The common method:

Reviewing product is the one of the old but still effective methods. we all know and tried this method to promote any affiliate product. it’s also working out. but you need the product on the hand to review. otherwise, how can your audience trust you?

The best example of Review site, Wirecutter is the best example of reviewing the Amazon affiliate program.

The Creative Idea?!

Some unique Amazon Affiliate sites:

An unique Idea always stands great even there is a Heavy competition. I am talking about Famous ThisIsWhyImBroke . the admin of thisiswhyimbroke failed multiple times and ways to make money online. yes, this is the truth and every beginner faced this. so he decided to create an unique Idea that must be interesting too.


But His Idea not bounded by search engines and common content marketing and Review marketing. it’s so simple! Signing up Amazon affiliate and write around 40 words and monetizing with an affiliate link. but only posting Interesting and Geeky products.


They operate with a group of members. now they are very famous among Amazon Affiliate program. their Idea inspired many and they too succeeded.

They are not only Promoting Amazon affiliate product they participate all the best affiliate programs and they made Approximately $20,000. But this is not an overnight success. they registered the domain at 2011 May. they still promoting cool and geek products.

They are using Wiral 2.0 theme from themecountry. but, the theme gets famous because of ThisIsWhyImBroke. this one is especially designed for Amazon Affiliate and other Affiliate and e-commerce website. the grid layout, Infinite loading, Lightweight, fast loading, Direct check it out button(Instead of Read more button) are the main features of this theme.

Similar Idea websites:

Above sites look different in look. made of different theme and platform. but the idea was the same. The interesting thing is Shutupandtakemymoney domain registered 2 months before ThisIsWhyImBroke. I don’t know who copied the idea from who.

Anyway, most of the people love this idea. both Affiliate marketer and audience. it’s easy to build a website for affiliate marketers. easy to buy for audiences.

Common Problems in this method:

Now people familiar with this idea. so they thought your site as a duplicate one. you need to change that misunderstanding with your quality, interesting, geeky product selecting skills. Thisiswhyimbroke uses humor based copywriting for their products.

Follow that Humor based product description. make your description convert your visitor into a buyer.

SEO thin content penalty:

Due to very lower words of a post Search engines flag your site as a thin content website. that will impact your SEO. so it’s an unavoided thing here. don’t worry about it. this Idea is not for search engines. it’s for people who want the product detail short and sweet.

Website promoting:

SEO will not help you as I said above. you need to go for other ways to promote your website. social media are the best to reach out your site to people. but free sharing won’t make your site famous until you have lots of followers.

so you need to spend some money to reach your website name to people. this is totally up to your wish.

These things will challenge you.

Let’s see the Amazon Associates Terms and Conditions to avoid feature problems:


Some of them are lead you to Ban your account some are just warnings. so read and follow the below tips to protect your Affiliate account.

Red sub-headings are lead you to Ban. Orange are warnings must be corrected.

1. Sending Affiliate links in E-mail: 

You are not allowed to directly sending amazon affiliate links in e-mail. it’s considered as spamming. you are only allowed to send a landing page with your affiliate link.

2. Paid promotion:

Like e-mail only promote your landing page. do not directly promote the affiliate link. it will cause a huge amount of invalid clicks.

3. Misusing Trademarks:

Imitating Amazon’s Trademark logo, website name is prohibited. for example,, and etc…

also, do not create a subdomain like your account will be terminated if you are violating their trademark policy.

4. Affiliate Disclaimer:

As per Amazon associates guidelines, you should add text on every page to describe you are an Amazon associate partner and you are getting commissions. this one is not a serious mistake. they just warn you if you do not add one.

5. Product Images:

You are not allowed to use Amazon’s product image without the seller permission. but, nobody is not gonna sue you for promoting their products. download the pictures and host it on your site. do not copy the image link and past it into your site.

Another safest way is using their site stripe bar on the of the website has Image and Image + Text option. get the HTML code and past it to your website.


6. Manually mentioning prices:

Not allowed to mention the product price manually and putting fake offers. Amazon’s product price changes frequently. you need to get API to Display the price. once you made three valid sales you are eligible to get API.

WordPress plugin Amazon associates link builder can help you to add the API and display the price from Amazon website.

API: Amazon associate dashboard > Tools > Product Advertising API

 7. Scraping content and reviews:

Do not copy/paste Amazon’s product description and customer reviews. also, never give Negative reviews their products.

8. Not for Kids websites:

Amazon associate program not allowed to promote on a website that actually targets under 13 audience.

9. Using own link to purchase:

This one is a serious mistake. never use your own affiliate links to buy Amazon products.

10. Do not give a money back or commision offers:  

Giveaways may be allowed under certain limitations(risky). but offering a money back or other commissions are not allowed.

Also, do not encourage visitors to buy the products on an emotional basis.

11. Slow and Invalid website:

Make sure your website loading as fast as possible. get the fastest hosting service. make sure your website address is correct. update the signup form with a valid web address.

From my own experience do not use free sub-domains. free hosting also not suggested but, not a problem.

12. No sales:

If you are not making 3 valid sales within a 6-month span from the account created you are no longer eligible to participate their Affiliate program.

also, no activity, no clicks in 3-month span account will be deactivated. 6-month span is long enough to make a sale. this will be your least problem. however, work hard to get your first 3 sales done.

Special Infographic of Amazon Affiliate Terms and Conditions:

Amazon affiliate terms and conditions


We have discussed earning money with Amazon associate program. hope my article make an idea about Amazon affiliate marketing. at this end of the line, the success is totally on your hand. hard work only bring success. also, remember to be patient.

There is no instant success in the internet business. sharpen your skills. spend more time to gain practical knowledge about your online business. and remember money is the by-product, not the main product.

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