7 Best Free SEO Tools to Rank #1 in Google-Updated List


Here, we are gonna discuss the best free SEO tools available out there to rank your site #1 in Google. wait, is this possible? #1 in Google? why not?!

The right leverage at the right time in the right place will make it happen. before, you need to know what is SEO before we begin. SEO-Search engine optimization is not as tough as it sounds. it’s an easy but tricky one.

As per Google’s CEO perception about Ranking #1 in Google:

“We take the keyword and match it against their pages and rank them based on over 200 signals. Things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it. Based on that, at any given time, we try to rank and find the best search results for that query.”

-Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

Here, The complete Guide of Organic SEO-2019 Updated–>

Okay. let’s see the lists of best free SEO Tools. don’t undervalue this tools because of it’s Free. Google is also free. isn’t that awesome. like the tools are very helpful to rank your site top of Google.

1. Google webmaster aka- Google search console:

We all Blogger’s know Google webmaster. it’s the first tool every blogger use to submit their sitemap and monitor Google Ranking. their new updated webmaster shows the marvelous data report and analysis.

by using Google webmaster you can see the Backlinks, Top Keywords you ranked for, Organic clicks and anything wrong with your ranking or site you will be notified shortly.

Okay, How can I use Google search console as Rank TOP my Page?

First Go to and sign in.

In the Dashboard -> Overview > Open Report > You can see the Highly Ranked Keywords of yours under Quire’s section.

You need to filter out the Average Position to view the Top ranked queries in Top Position.

As shown in below figure. most of the blogger’s don’t show their top-ranked keyword.  for me, nothing is forbidden.


Now use the query in the respective posts titles, meta description, post paragraphs as a target keyword.  and wait for some days. the ranking of the optimized post will be improved.

this simple tip working well. you can also use Yoast SEO plugin if you are on WordPress to change the title, Meta description, and target keyword.

2. Google Keyword Planner:


Another greatest free SEO tool from Google. The best Keyword research tool. it’s a tool you can find top ranked short tail and long tail keyword. also, used to create paid Advertising Adwords campaign.

But, their latest updated version not shows exact keyword search volumes. shows the average amount. no worry! I have another Free tool to find out exact search Volume of the Keyword.

Here, the link to Google Keyword Planner

3. Keywords Everywhere Free Keyword planner tool:


The best third-party Keyword research tool and Amazing integration with Google Keyword Planner. as I said before Google keyword planner does not show the exact amount of search volumes of the keyword.

But this simple browser extension does magic and shows the exact amount of search volumes, CPC, Competition and related keyword Idea.

This tool also Integrate with Google search, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and more famous search engines.

google keyword planner

keywords everywhere related keywords

Installation of this tool is so simple.

Go to > and select the browser you use > follow the procedure to Get API.

4. Google Mobile friendly test:


Did you know more 50% of people access the internet using smartphones? also, more than 50% Google search performed by mobile phones. so your blog or website must be responsive and mobile friendly.

Here, The Data report Proof from my Blog:

users report by operating system

Got it?

okay, how can I check is my site mobile-friendly?

Simple by using Google Mobile-Friendly test tool.   go to the site and enter your site URL or Specific Page to Analyse.

What if my site is not Mobile friendly?

There are lots of Free responsive themes Available for Wordpresthat’sats why I personally suggest WordPress Self-hosting. Start your Budget Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Now!

If you are on Blogger(Blogspot) Platform set Mobile theme for mobile versions.

5. Page Speed testing Tool-Pagespeed Insights-Google developer:

Did you know your site Speed and loading will be considered as a ranking signal? page speed is one of the top priority ranking signals in Google 200 rank signals. so keep your site speed fast as possible.

Before check your site loading time, speed and Performance.

Go to

Their latest version tells everything you need to tweak to make your site load fast.

How to Speed up WordPress Website? Simple Tips that Works! 

6. Page Speed testing tool-GTMetrix:

The Best Third party website Page speed testing tool. not only test the speed also gives a detailed report of your websites speed, why it’s slow, which elements are slowing down and what is the possible solution.

All for free!

When it comes to Page Speed Web Hosting and Themes matter. Go for Lightweight themes and

Fastest Reliable Web Hosting:

7. Yoast SEO Plugin:

The Best SEO PLugin for WordPress. Manage all the aspects of SEO. the one main thing I love with this Plugin is we can Edit the search engine result Snippet Preview. we set a different title for a blog post and different for search engines.

Yoast seo snippet preview

Easy to Target Keywords for your blog post. We can edit Meta description and Facebook, Twitter social media share previews too.

Must have Free Plugin for your WordPress site. Go to Plugins > Add new > search Yoast SEO > Install the plugin.


Use Google Autofill or Autosuggest search query and Google search related in the Bottom of Google search as Keyword research tool. search related is Best Long-tail Keywords to choose.

google auto-suggest

Google Search related

Bottom Line:

These are some Awesome Best Free SEO tools to rank your site #1 in Google. one more thing to remember even your SEO is well optimized you need Great content. otherwise, the article will not be ranked well.

SEO Only works for Quality content. Also, Takes some time. so don’t get down of no organic results, keep producing good contents frequently. you will be ranked top. because Google Loves Fresh contents.

I hope this Article will be Useful for you. So, Just Share this Article with your friends. they also get benefits.

Thank you!

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