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Hello Bloggers and Digital Marketers! the post is about us. as a blogger what things, you should know if you are running a blog or intended to start a blog. these are very important to be a blogger. maybe blogging seems so simple but only people realize how hard get succeeded by blogging after starts a blog. if you blog as a hobby it’s just time pass. but people like me or who indent to make some money by sharing their knowledge things are very different.

by the way, creating a blog is so simple, but running it to a successful level is not that simple. the only hardwork+smartwork will give you success.

okay, let’s see the important things and traits a blogger must know:

1. patience:


Yes, patience is the foremost quality a blogger must acquire. most people say you must have a passion to succeed. “but a passion without patience will not give you success”. you are writing a content and publishing it and know what? nobody is going to give a shit about your content. simply nobody is gonna cares you. who are you to them to care for you.

Most of the time beginner bloggers face this problem. because there is no authority towards them. it’s like a fresher hunting a job without no experience. so you are in the situation of trust building. do you think it’s an instant process? absolutely not. if your content or service is useful then they will appreciate you and share about you.

So, I am sincerely proposing Trust Building is your first line of action on Blogging.

Building a community:

Community building

Blogging is not only the money-making platform. it’s a community building platform. without a true audience and followers, only you face “Blogging Plateau” [no sign of progress overall time]. it’s very difficult for creating the first 1,000 followers. building a 1,000 E-mail list is tougher than building social followers. it takes a very long time. may say a year. yes.

Did you know most of the successful blogs faced plateau for a year? here, hope and patience gave the success.

2. Only intended to make money:


Every blogger dream is making money with their blog. yes, it’s the default mindset of the common human. our mind works in that way. if you work you get an appreciation as a reward. but here you can only see work but you are not gonna get appreciation instantly. it’s a very long path to get a reward. so, basically, he/she gets depressed, and lose hope.

because he/she thought his hard work is left unpaid. so just keep one thing in mind you are not going to make a significant amount of money in the first year. just set this in your mind.

most of the bloggers search google how to get Adsense Approval, High paying Affiliate programs to monetize their sites. sometimes Adsense rejects the application fewer or multiple times. so, he/she is only focused on getting Adsense approval. that rejection will cause them upset. they think Adsense is the only way to make money online. no, it’s not. as a beginner Adsense publisher I know it’s how hard to making Adsense revenue with low page views. some days I only get cents as a revenue.

So, just apply for it if they accept monetize and forget. if they reject just forget. both are same for a beginner blogger. there is no difference.

3. Social Media is not your friend:


Maybe you think social media are the best way to market and get an audience for your blog. yes, it is if you are a paid advertiser. by recent Facebook Algorithm updates, people with millions of page like also not getting their traffic like the past. because Facebook wants to keep their users on Facebook as possible. it’s a business. In business, there is no democracy.

You may notice Mark Zuckerberg replied to senator we are running ads to generate revenue. yes, in order to profit how could they help you to rise for free. from my experience, you can only get 1 or 2 pageviews from social media sharing. also, people on social media share your content only they like. so stop focusing too much on building a social media community.

4. Search engines[SEO] also not your friend:


Search Engine is the greatest way to get more numbers of natural visitors to your blog. but it is not that easy., also it takes some real time to take effect if your content or service is worthy. all the beginner bloggers Google search will be “How to rank my site top on Google?” or “SEO tricks to rank a site on Google” there are no tricks here. only, Genuity and Quality matter.

All the Free SEO advising Blogs even Paid SEO[Search engine optimization] services doing the same thing same advice to the visitors/customers. for example, A,B,C,D are about to launch the same project and Hire same or different SEO service here which one is Get ranked on First. okay, they do the same techniques to them. but only one can take the first place. So, the other three are failed to make the first place.

This is the reality of SEO. Keyword density, Buying Backlinks are outdated SEO techniques. Google is now aware of these things. Because they are only about to show original contents in their results. that’s why they update their algorithms frequently. Now Buying Spammy Backlinks will lead to Blacklisting your site visibility. they never tolerate spamming.

So learn some Basic SEO and don’t overdo. It’s just a positive signal to search engines come and crawl me I am also got a great content. nothing more than it. even perfectly optimized good contents also take lots of time to ranked by Google.

Read SEO – The untold truths! to know and learn the reality of SEO.

5. Treat this as a Real Business:

If you treat a blog as a time pass, you are wasting your precious time. work hard to get success. also, explore more sources to get your things done. without investment, there is no profit. so invest your time and money into it. it is not cost more the 100USD per year to run a blog.  so keep this too in your mind.

6. Last but not least, Discipline:


A professional blogger must be disciplined. wait, what kind of discipline a blogger should follow? it’s consistency and frequency. a blogger must show up regularly, if not consistently on their blog. it’s the symbolism of trust building. people will trust you if you show up consistently. so, keep this in mind to grab a success.


These come from my own experiences. I believe this will change your blogging attitude to gain success. share this with your friends and leave a quick comment if anything I missed to mention as blogger traits. Thank you!

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