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Delete Facebook- The Weird Way (Quick) | 2018


Delete Facebook- sounds weird? actually, there is no delete option in Facebook. only deactivate. and it will take 14 days if you not logged in again. it’s the psychology behind Facebook. most of us change our opinion day by day. so 14 days quite longer to stay with your opinion. How can I delete my Facebook account instantly? is it possible? yes, it is possible.
I accidentally found the weird way How to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days.

Before we step into the process lets see Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook:


1. Facebook helps to connect you with friends. No doubt.

2. Facebook is a business platform for bloggers, small companies, and large corporate companies.

3. You can also promote your products free and paid.

These are only the Facebook advantages in my point of view.


1. In Facebook, you have more friends than real life friends. Do you think it is a healthy relationship? they just connected with you for fun. they will not take care of you. spending more time with this untrusted people also hurt real-life relations. because you don’t spend time with who loves in reality.

2. Did you know you are subconsciously addicted to Facebook?  how? The human brains main function is to keep you happy, healthy, and safely. when you work you feel like pressure. that’s why you are tired of productivity. but, in Facebook trolls, memes make you laugh. tons and tons of new contents updated frequently. when you laugh you are happy. when you are happy brain does not care about any other real life things. so you are psychologically trapped into the Facebook. no productivity but you are happy. this will lead you to poor

3. Did you ever saw successful businessman and politicians hang out and chat in Facebook? Most of them even don’t have a Facebook account. They just post one or two tweets per day on Twitter. some businessman hires people to manage their social media accounts. because they know their value of time.

4. “If Facebook is free how they make billion dollars?” Amazon has products to sell, Microsoft sells OS, Apple sells apple products. then what is facebooks product? You and Me. We are the Facebooks product. this is the bitter truth. Wake Up!

5. Most of the websites use cookies to show feature ads based on your past search history. Facebook not only use cookies they got all of your personal details with your permissions. this is the beginning of Information age. Data is the featured stock. information can change the feature of the so-called world.

6. Facebook have Psychology expert team to make you all time engaged with facebook as possible. they analyze your emotions, characters via emojis. this is what happened in Cambridge Analytica.

7. Facebook is not the only way to connects people who are in distance from loved one. we have cell phones, Skype, E-mail. but these things do not eat your all day. realize whats wrong with Facebook.

8. Did you know? averagely a person uses their smartphone 2 hours per day. and a person spends 30 minutes on Facebook. this is an average report. most of the people spend all day with Facebook.

The truth is already you gave enough information about yourself on Facebook. deleting facebook accounts will only save your feature valuable time. there is the lot of possibilities they already crawled and stored your data for feature purpose.

How to Delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days?

The normal way:

Log into Facebook> small down triangle arrow top right on Facebook > Expand > Settings > General > Manage Account > Deactivate your account. and don’t log in for 14 days.

The Weird Way:

I accidentally find this way. at the beginning of the time, I have no Idea about privacy policy and copyright violations. so I used to share Piracy/Copyright violated contents publicly on facebook. after this next time, I log in to facebook they gave me a warning about you are violated copyright terms and conditions and you damaged Intellectual properties and blah blah blah …

And I continuously shared piracy contents publicly, because I don’t take their warning seriously. guess what happened. they blocked my Account permanently. still, I am not able to log in the blocked account. yes, it’s Gone.

Not like Reddit Facebook strictly follow DMCA. sharing copyright violation content on your Facebook page will not take effect. but sharing publicly is an absolute violation.

And don’t worry they only block your ID. you are not gonna accused of copyright violation. because you only someone’s content. it’s not up to you. it’s up to Facebook.

By following this method will reduce the waiting time for Facebook deletion.

Also, Check 10 things you never share on Facebook!

Conclusion :

I shared my thoughts on How to delete facebook quickly from my own life experience.

I hope this article will wake you up in reality. I personally use Facebook as a Business platform.

What is your point of view on Facebook? Leave a Quick comment.

I am gonna share this article on my Facebooks account. let’s see what happens…

Sharing is Caring!

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