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Easy ways to speed up Blog/Websites Web page for Free! (Actually works)

speed up blog
Hi, the post is about how to speed up Blog/Websites loading as possible. is it possible? yes, it’s definitely can by simple tune-ups. why a blogs speed is important? it’s the 21st century who like slow loading boring website. even google also rank fast loading blogs well. okay,

how can I check my blog is fast or not?


visit: – useful to find out which factor affect your blog.
what are the possible ways to tune up my blog? let me list:

1. Using Compressed Images:

The common major mistakes done by bloggers is not resizing the pictures. most of the bloggers upload images in HD high resolution. if you run a photography blog you can upload HD pictures but you need the fastest hosting service. if you are a normal blogger you need to resize your picture without reducing its quality.
How images affect page speed?
For example, if you are uploading 1 MB size pictures in each post, your homepage displays 5 posts your webpage size is 5 MB. plus CSS, javascript. then how your blog loads fast.
How can I reduce image size?
Windows users open Paint> open > select which image you reduce size > Home > Resize > Pixels to reduce the size of the image.
Mac or other users open Adobe Photoshop> File > Open > select which image you reduce size > Image > Image size > Pixels to reduce the size of image.

2. Removing unwanted Gadgets:

Another common mistake beginner bloggers made they insert unwanted gadgets even it’s useful or not. for example visitors stats, calendar, clock. these are unwanted gadgets for a blog. remove gadgets except for popular posts, recent posts, search bar, labels or menu. this can massively improve your page speed.

3. Unwanted scripts and designs:

CSS and Javascript can reduce your page speed. some bloggers put graphics loading CSS script, snow falling script, unwanted pop-up ads, in some case twitter bird flying on the blog these kinds of scripts are unwanted and not useful for a blog. do these kinds of animation when your blog is hosted by high-speed servers. but remember your blog not going to nominate miss world competition. keep it simple and user-friendly. a blog the most important factor is content.  not animations!


Use above methods when your blog is on blogger like free platforms. even in a private hosting using above methods can improve your web page speed. if you run a large business blog/website go for private dedicated hosting for the best experience.
Leave a quick comment which mistakes you made on your blog? 
And which method is helped you to speed-up blog/ Website?
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