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Free VPN

Are you looking for a Free VPN with Unlimted Bandwidth? are you afraid of internet security? I got the solution. its name is VPN- Virtual Private Network. Some of you already knew some of you don’t. okay, let’s jump to the list full free highly secured trusted VPN services available online.

What is VPN?

VPN-Virtual Private Network they don’t physically exist. they virtually exist like ghosts to secure data what you use on the internet. by using VPN you can prevent data theft. you can be allowed to explore beyond border no more blocked websites.

How is safe using Virtual Private Network?

The VPN’s main function is changing your original IP address with an alternate virtual IP address. its also encrypts data you consume on the internet. not only the IP your browser, operating system, and their version also masked by VPN. Reporters, journalists, also government officials use VPN to share confidential data’s over the internet.

Can I pay for VPN?

Some VPN service providers charge some bucks to access high-speed worldwide servers. but we do not need to spend some money on VPN. Free VPN services also available but I list most trusted free VPN in this article.

Free VPN List for Windows:

1. TOR :

Tor browser

The TOR is the most secured network ever existed on the internet. also known as onion router. like an onion it network nodes goes layer by layer ended with nothing. its developed by the US Navy to share confidential data’s. If this from the US government just imagine how secured it is!. TOR browser developed from Mozilla Firefox. its also look alike Firefox.


Its bit different from VPN. a VPN knows your current IP before mask it and it has a single exit node. but TOR connects with multiple nodes ends with no node. the total anonymous thing. that’s why I listed this #1. TOR also used to surf on the so-called darknet. the darknet has illegal stuff and the government not like to share you too. the secret dark websites are made by peer to peer network[P2P].

Get TOR browser Free: Download only from 

2. VPNgate:

VPNgate developed by University of  Tsukuba, Japan. it comes with high-speed VPN servers for free. their free VPN servers are fast as possible like paid VPN servers. Vpngate offers more numbers of free servers. you can choose the connection type TCP or UDP and can edit proxy if you want. you also can create your own server.

Get VPNgate Free:

3.VPNBOOK with Open VPN:

VPNbook is also one of the best free VPN service provider. they offer free UK & US, Euro servers for free and unlimited bandwidth. first, you need to install OpenVPN to connect with VPNbook servers. how they offer free service? they accept the donation and make some bucks from ads on the web-page.

steps to use VPNbook:

1. Download OpenVPN.
2. Install it accept T&C.
3. Visit: and download VPN servers.
4. Extract them in to C> program files > OpenVPN > Config for 64bit C > program files x86 > OpenVPN> Config.
5. After extracted the servers run OpenVPN as Administrator.
6. OpenVPN runs in the tray right click on it and connect with the server you want.
7. The pop-up asks username passwords. Its provided in free server download page. they change it frequently.

For more details visit:


The simplified user-friendly VPN. comes with lots of free VPN servers all over the world. even no need to install it just run as administrator and select your server. available for Mac, Android, and Windows. if this is free how they make money? they show ads everytime connected to a free server on can configure local proxy, upstream proxy settings. some servers are not as fast as expected but its okay cause its free.

Get PSIPHON Free: 

5. Cyber Ghost:

The best VPN if you are a premium user. they guaranteed no logs, military-grade encryption, high-speed servers, Ad-block and more. in the free edition, you can only access limited servers. you need to patience sometimes it takes seconds, minutes to connect. but servers are speed as expected. disconnects every 3 hours of runtime on the free version. that’s why I listed this #5. but you can experience the freedom of the internet for sure.

Get CyberGhost Free: [No Affiliate]

Free VPN for Android:

1. Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot shield is the free VPN from the US. it has limited Bandwidth [1GB] on Windows. but in Android it’s unlimited. also trusted and installed by millions.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No restrictions
  • 17 different servers
  • Most Important High-Speed servers


  • Annoying Ads


2. Touch VPN:

Touch VPN also one of the best in the field. but it’s free servers speed is a little slower than Hotspot shield. simple user interface.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No restrictions
  • High-speed servers
  • 26 different servers


  • Annoying Ads

3. Opera VPN:

A product of opera browser developers. opera browsers also come with default VPN extensions.


Unlimited bandwidth
No restrictions
5 different locations
Speed servers


Only 5 servers


4. CM Security VPN:

Developed by Chinese mobile company Cheeta Mobiles. unlimited free VPN for Android.


Unlimited Bandwidth
8 different locations
No time restrictions
Nice user interface


Slow servers
Bad Privacy Policy


5. Betternet:

Betternet VPN developed by the Canadian company and downloaded by millions of people.


Unlimited Bandwidth
No time restrictions
User-friendly Interface


Not able to select own location.only optimal by itself
Low speed


Some Browser Extension VPN:

You can find some free VPN Extensions in your browsers. it can help you to surf safely on the internet. you can unblock blocked resources as well. some of them:

1.Hola VPN
3.Hotspot Shield
4.Touch VPN
5.Hoxx VPN[Firefox]
6,Browsec VPN

In Google Chrome Apps > Web Store > Type VPN > Filter by Free > Add to Chrome

In Firefox > about:addons > Add more > Search VPN :

These VPN’s are performing well inside the Browser region. not for system-wide.


I just listed some useful free VPNs available in there. they are performing well and tested. I am not sure these are only the best free VPN. maybe some of them missed and also great. if you find anything you can leave it in the comment section. Thank you!


Hi! I am Sathish. I am the person behind this blog. I am covering exclusive Blogging tips, Tech tips, and Lifestyle contents.

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