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Google Adsense Approval Trick – Quick Approval (Secret Revealed)

Google-Adsense-approvalWant to Monetize your Blog/site with Google Adsense? But you don’t know the way to Get Google Adsense Approval? No Worries! I am here to Get your Adsense Application Approved as Fast as Possible.

You know my Google Adsense Application Also rejected Multiple times. not only mine almost everybody’s Application has rejected At least once.

Yes, do they Reject Applications to maintain their Quality. Google Adsense Only Allow Quality Websites to Publish Adsense. What are That Quality measurements?

The Following Tips and Tweaks Will Make Your Application Approved Fast!


1. Quality Content:

Contents are the King of a Blog. Don’t write content. Craft your content. because your Primary focus is helping other people by sharing your valuable information. Monetization and Making money is the second thing.

Once you realized this, your Blog only contained with Unique Quality Contents. write at least 10 unique contents on your blog. Words are minimum 700-maximum your capacity!

But there are also certain limitations for Writing Content:

  • No copy contents
  • No Adult contents
  • No Gambling/Drug other Sensitive contents
  • No Hate Speech
  • No Violence contents

Allowed in Google Adsense. so choose your Niche carefully. also, do not write about Adsense before getting Adsense Approval.

2. Must have Pages:

Your Blog/Site Must have some Pages before Applying Adsense. That Pages Are Important and secret Keys to get Adsense Approval.

About Page:

A Page describing yourself and your Blog in a Clear Way. explain what is your passion and why you started this blog, by reading your Blog what people will Get.

Add your Picture and any Achievements and recognition on your About Page.

Add your Social Media Profile Links. so others can easily find and Follow you on social media.

Contact Page:

You don’t have to give your contact Address. Just Add contact form which forward Mails to your E-Mail Account. Just a contact form is enough for this Page.

Privacy Policy Page:

Privacy Policy is another Important Page need to be Created. because you have to explain do you collect users Information(ex: e-mails), if so Why for it, How do you Protect your user’s Information and your cookie policy.

If you are Publishing Ads, Affiliate Marketing Links on your site How those handle cookie on your users also needs to be explained.

You can write those on your own or try the following website to generate Privacy Policy for your Site.

Copyright Page(Optional):

Just Add a Copyright Notice on this Page. most of the people scrape other people content. so Add this page and explain your contents not meant for copying.

Also, Add The Copyright Symbol at End of your Site.

3. Other Ads:

Remove if your site Monetized by other Banner/CPC Ads. then Apply to Google Adsense. Affiliate Links are okay. but don’t put any other Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads.

Here, Some Myths and False Information About Adsense Approval:


1. Traffic:

Site Traffic will not be considered for Adsense Approval. When I Got My Google Adsense Approval My Blog hardly reach 100 page views per Day. only content and above-mentioned factors needed.

2. Domain Age:

Age of your site also not matters.  still, some people believe Domain age considered for Approval.

3. Custom Domain and Hosting:

You don’t need a custom domain and private hosting. blogger subdomains and customs sub-domains are allowed to apply.

I got My Adsense Approval when my Blog hosted on Blogger Platform.

4. Templates:

Simple user-friendly easy navigation theme is enough to get Adsense approval. you don’t need any premium looking templates. I used default simple template from blogger.


I hope Now you get Clear information about Google Adsense Approval. just following my Approval Guidelines will get your Adsense Approval As Fast as Possible.

By the Way, there is No tricks or shortcuts. don’t waste your time on useless tricks. some people post false information to get more attention from visitors. so be clever and Implement the tips.

You May be Already applied and rejected. once your blog/site criteria reached Their Quality Guidelines you are automatically reviewed and Approved. No Need to create another Account.

Best of Luck for Getting Congrats Mail From Google Adsense!

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  1. I often visit your blog and have noticed that you don’t update
    it often. More frequent updates will give your website higher authority & rank in google.

    I know that writing content takes a lot of time, but
    you can always help yourself with miftolo’s tools which will shorten the time of creating an article to a couple
    of seconds.

    1. I am just migrated to wordpress with private hosting. i am new to wordpress. i am facing some new user technical problems and upto learn about wordpress. also noted down feature topics on sticky notes to share. i will back when the site setup perfectly. thank you very much for your care:)


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