How I Got Google Adsense approval within 3 days! Tips to get Adsense approval Fast!! (2018) Updated :

Google Adsense quick approval

Hi, we are gonna discuss Google Adsense fast approval. every blogger wish is making money by blogging. you need to monetize to make money from your blog. when it comes to monetization Google Adsense is the best Ads publisher network comparing to others. but getting approved by Google Adsense not easy for some bloggers. every beginner blogger makes common mistakes while applying for Adsense. Reading this full post

will get your Adsense application approved.

Getting Adsense approval is not only for making money. its the authority of you are a genuine blogger and you sharing useful contents. trust and royalty is the main key of a blog.  Also,
remember starting a blog with money making intention will not help you to grow. start a blog to share useful contents and help people.

Following tips will Get your Google Adsense approval as fast as possible:


1. Posts:

Write unique posts that contain minimum 500 words. more than 500 words are awesome. How many posts do I need? There are no numbers of posts limitation in Google Adsense policy. I wrote 15 posts before applying to Adsense. I get approved.

2. Must have Pages:

Your blog must have About, Contact, DMCA, and Privacy policy. these pages are must before applying to Adsense.

About Page:

Short Inro about you and your passion. you can also include your nativity. write what is the purpose of your blog.

Contact Page:

Must add a contact form. don’t give your e-mail address. put Contact form widget.

DMCA Page:

Declare your blog obeys Digital Millennium Copyright Acts. add a short note about pictures, videos, other materials you shared[Royalty free or permitted to use].

Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy is also recommended by Governments. you must declare what kind of data you collect from users and about cookies. you can also generate a detailed Privacy Policy from below link:

3. Content types:

Google Adsense does not allow contents that Damage Intellectual properties. Piracy contents, Malicious contents, and pornography are not allowed. avoid copying contents from someone’s blog. this will cause a negative impact on your blog.

4, Other Ads:

Remove any other Ads you put into your website. If you placed affiliate links inside the content its okay. But remove banner ads if any placed.

Apply Free Google Adsense:

These  4 factors will enough to get Adsense approval. Let’s see

What are the Myths associated with Google Adsense!?


1. Traffic:

Adsense was not required traffic limitations. so don’t worry about traffic. if you get low traffic to submit your site on search engines. share your posts with social media. I averagely get 150 page views when approved by Adsense.

How to submit your blog/website to search engines?

2. Domain Age:

Domain age also not required by Adsense. but commonly some blogs share your domain must have 6 months old. no, it’s not. my suggestion apply Adsense or monetize any methods after 3 months old domain.

3. Custom Domain and Hosting:

You don’t need a custom domain and private hosting. blogger subdomains and customs sub-domains are allowed to apply. you also don’t need high-speed private hosting.
my blog hosted by free blogger platform.

4. Templates:

Simple user-friendly easy navigation theme is enough to get Adsense approval. you don’t need any premium looking templates. I am using default simple template from blogger.

5. Tech blogs:

The common myth even experts in google product forums also said tech blogs are not currently encouraged over millions of tech blogs. it can take several weeks to get an approval for tech blogs. no, it is not. mine is tech advice blog and I get approved by Adsense within 3 Days.


I hope this post gives a clarity about applying Google Adsense.

Leave a Quick comment about what mistakes you need to correct. I like to hear from you!

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Hi! I am Sathish. I am the person behind this blog. I am covering exclusive Blogging tips, Tech tips, and Lifestyle contents.

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