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How to Add Google Analytics Website code to your site and Track All of your Analytics Data?


Want to Add Google Analytics Website Code to your Blog/Site? WordPress or Blogger Adding Google Analytics code is an easy thing. For WordPress, you just need An Addition free Plugin. For Blogger you don’t need Anything.

Okay, What is Google Analytics:

Google-analytics-realtime-visitorsGoogle Analytics is a Single and Simple tool to collect and monitor all of your Website data efficiently. you can’t miss any bytes of data by using Google Analytics.

Such as Website Traffic, Unique Visitors, return visitors, visitors location, visitors technology, visitors network, average on page time, Google webmasters data(can be integrated), Google Adsense Data(can be integrated), to Monitor Spam traffic and filter Spam Traffic and very interesting precise Real Time Visitors and their data can be monitored by a single tool. Of course like most of the Google products Google Analytics also free.

More than above can be tracked by Google Analytics.

Now tell me isn’t this tool Awesome?

How to Create a Google Analytics Account and Add Property?

To create Google Analytics Account you need Google Account. hope all of you have one. if not create Free Google Account Here.

After created Account Go to Now it asks you to Create an Account Name to Add your Properties.   

Enter your Account Name, Website Name, Website Address and type of the site. and simply tap get a Tracking ID. Now you just Need to Add that Tracking script code to your Website Head. between <head>Global Site Tag (gtag.js)</head>.

For the Blogger Platform:

  1. Login to your Blogger Account
  2. Go to Your Blog
  3. Go to Theme > Edit Html
  4. To Find Head Press “Ctrl+F” and enter </head>
  5. Just above the </head> Paste Your Google Analytics Global Tracking Code.
  6. And Save. Soon your Blog connected to Google Analytics

For WordPress Sites:

A simple Free Plugin Needed to Add your Tracking code.

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New > search “head, Footer and Post Injections”
  2. Install that Plugin and Activate
  3. Now you can Access this Plugin in Settings > Header and Footer > enter your Tracking code in Head section (on Every Pages)
  4. That’s it. save and your site will be connected to Google Analytics.

You can monitor your Analytics inside the WordPress Dashboard by using Free Plugin “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” search simply “GADWP”. Install and Activate. You can also Add the Tracking Code with this Plugin.

Google Analytics

Go to GADWP plugin, Shows in sidebar As Google Analytics. tap it and Authorize your Google Analytics Account. the plugin will automatically generate API code and Integrate your Account. once connected your Analytics data can be monitored on the WordPress Dashboard as a Simplified Version.

However, Only Official cover all data’s efficiently. by this simple method, you can track your website analytics efficiently.

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Hope this Article helps you to Add Google Analytics with your site. it’s easier than the above explanation. for the first time beginners may be confused with procedures. so read the procedures once again to get clarification. if you face any issue’s while integrating Google Analytics with your site Please Leave a Quick Comment.  

I will help you to solve the issue! Share this useful Article with your friends!!

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