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Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically Overnight? Here, Reasons And Fix!

Google-ranking-dropped-dramaticallyHello Everyone! is your Google ranking dropped dramatically overnight? and you have no Idea about the sudden google ranking drop?  No worries! we are gonna discuss the reasons and fix for this website ranking drop.

You have to know one thing before. not only your ranking dropped or unstable. almost everybody lost their Google ranking at least once. some bloggers Ranking at Unstable stage. jumping to a high position to low position again to High position.

Okay. I’ve never faced Google ranking Drop. why do I need to read this? because you have to protect your website ranking with this useful information. now we are going to see the Reasons along with the fix.

Reasons For Websites Ranking Drop:

1. Issues with Website Crawling:

Make sure your website has no crawling issue. if your site has crawling issues your Google webmaster will clearly show the error in the notification section. maybe without your knowledge your important pages blocked by robots.txt.

Errors in DNS, server connectivity cause problems in Websites Crawling.  first, check out your Google webmaster and if you see any issues. you can also check crawling issue by searching in Google Search.

If you see your Blog/site pages indexed properly you have no problem. if you see partial indexing, ex: missing meta tags. you need to use fetch as Google option in Old Google webmaster. log in to your Google Webmaster Account and browse to left bottom(desktop) go to Old webmaster > Crawl > Fetch as Google. 

Now you can see your page indexed or not by searching your page on Google.

2. Manual Actions:

This one is for who tried Black hat methods to rank their site. Google is now smart. it easily detects the black hat ranking tricks and omits the pages. that’s why Google update their Search engine Algorithms to deliver quality results.

Let’s see the Kinds of Manual Actions:

  1. Backlink Spamming
  2. Linking Back to Spam sites
  3. User-Generated content-spam content-duplicate content- content with no Value
  4. Keyword stuffing
  5. Hidden text/Color Matching texts with the Background color
  6. Sneaky redirects/Cloaking

1.  Backlink Spamming:

Never ever buy Backlinks from any Freelance websites to build Authority. Google’s Penguin Algorithm update filter out sites with Bad spammy Backlinks. Google Wants Authority, Backlinks happens in a Natural Way. unless your site will be Blacklisted from Google.

How to deal with Bad Backlinks?

Google webmaster have Disavow links tool to filter out Bad Backlinks. Maybe due to competition, your competitor built bad spam Backlinks for your site. yes, this also part of the Blogging career.

Simply Disavowing the Backlinks will help your site to Recover from Ranking Drop. Time of the recovery based on your damage. maybe takes a week to a month.

2. Linking Back to Spam sites:

Not only having unnatural Backlinks affect your site but Also linking Back to Spam sites also Affect your ranking. so next time before linking another site make sure the site is worth. else, you have no option than adding outbound links just Mark No-follow attribute for that link.

So Google won’t Crawl the link.  In Blogger Platform no-follow option added by Default. In WordPress, you Need Third-party Plugin. the best Free Plugin Ultimate Nofollow. Download and install or search in Plugins and Install.

Also, use No-follow Attribute for Affiliate links.

3. User-Generated Content:

Of course, Spam contents definitely drop your google ranking plus your reputation. copying contents won’t help you anymore. filtering copy content is the First search engine Algorithm followed by Search engines. fix it by the simple step is to remove the duplicate contents and write unique contents.

4. Keyword Stuffing:

Another Ingenious Outdated Trick of SEO. Do not stuff the same keywords again and again. the term “Keyword Density” is no more followed by Google. 3 no of times Primary Keyword mentioning is enough. Nowadays Google is smart. it uses synonyms, related keyword, and multiple factors to match a single Keyword.

5. Hidden Text:

Color Matching texts with the Background color of the site. most of the people use this to stuff keywords. as I said above it’s an outdated method.

6. Sneaky Redirects/Cloaking:

Link Cloaking is an Offensive one. Showing one page for bots and another for users is called link cloaking. do not use link cloaking or sneaky redirects.

3. Security Issues:

google-security-issuesSecurity issues are a serious concern of Google webmaster. they won’t allow sites with security vulnerabilities. what are security vulnerabilities? sites with malicious contents, malicious behaviors, Spam links/contents, Misconfigured SSL or outdated SSL(HTTPS) and Hacked site.

Security issues are quickly notified to your webmaster dashboard and Google search your site result labeled the security issue.

Sites with Malicious behavior marked as Deceptive site Ahead.

How can I Fix Security Issues?

Unfortunately, only a few security errors can be fixed by yourself. issues like Hacked site need an expert to fix unless you are a tech Savvy.

Fix by Yourself:

  1. Avoid Pop-up Ads
  2. Avoid Fake Download Button Ads-leads to download Adware
  3. Update your SSL and check the Validity Frequently
  4. Avoid Non-SSL scripts, contents on your site
  5. Avoid using WordPress Nulled Plugins, themes
  6. Avoid Free Hosting

These can be fixed by Yourself.

Unfortunately, Your site Got Hacked? No Worry-Here The Video Guide From Google:

4. Changing Websites Templates, Structures:

Yes, Changing your websites Template/theme also Impact your Google ranking. Because they change the Layout and structure of the site. So once your site is in Good design do not Change it frequently. recently myself also faced Ranking drop because of theme changing.

This one is not a massive mistake. your ranking will be recovered within Days. mine recovered within 2 Days.

Sometimes only changing themes not affect your ranking at the same time changing DNS, Host Name or changing to Another Hosting only Affect the website ranking.

5. Google Algorithm Updates:

Google frequently Update their search Algorithm to give quality results to their users. they never compromise their quality. so lots of chances getting stricken by Algorithm update if you did something unnatural on your site.

What are that Unnatural things? Building Backlinks, Duplicate Articles…

That’s why I recommend Organic SEO Methods to rank your Site >>

6. Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is an indication of poor user experience, poor content. people also bounce they get what they want. also, high traffic websites have high Bounce rates. that’s ok!

Did you know? even some high Authority sites Have avg. 80% of Bounce rate. but if your bounce rate increasing more than that you have to tune up your user’s experience and content.

Use Infographics, Podcasts, Videos(Youtube Embed) on your Blog post to keep users stay long. these methods will definitely reduce the bounce rate.


Refer the following links for more Information.


We have reached the conclusion. these are some common factors affect your google ranking. do not worry about website ranking drop. it will be fixed. but it takes some time depends on the damage. and you can ask your Google ranking issues on Google webmasters official forum. The link in the Footnotes.

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Thank you!!

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