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The Reason Why your Google Ranking Dropped?

Google ranking dropped

Hello Bloggers and Digital marketers. in this article, we are gonna discuss Website ranking. In website ranking generally, people face two kinds of problem. one is not improving the ranking level, another one is Decreasing ranking level. you can easily fix these issues by running some checking and maintenance.

okay, how can know in the first hand my website rank increasing or decreasing? there is no official tool to measure this. you can try third-party SEO tools to check Domain Authority, Citation Flow, Back-links. But, if you are an admin of a blog or website you can simply evaluate your site from Google Analytics or Google Webmasters. A low number of clicks and a high number of bounce rates are an indication of poor content and something wrong with your site.

some people still believe PageRank will be helpful to rank a site. yes, it was measured and search results are ordered by Google once. now it’s not a ranking factor. so just leave it.

To Improve the Ranking:

Diagnosis and Fix

1. First Check-Webmaster:

Make sure your Google Webmaster has no isuues[error], warnings. warnings are not affecting factors but need to be fixed. Errors must be fixed at any cost. confirm your web pages are crawlable by search engines. this one is the first maintenance checking run if you are facing ranking plateau.

If you face Errors and warning just use Google Webmaster Product Forum to get Help. because various kinds of errors occurring are possible. you can get a valid solution within 24 Hours.

2. Manual Search Engine Check:

Go to search your site name like this “site:” without quotes. enter the exact site URL. if it’s HTTP site use HTTP. non-WWW enter without WWW. hit search.

Now you can clearly see how your site was indexed. is it completely indexed or partially? I mean the title, description, links of a single post. make sure your sitemap.xml robots not blocking your site. do the same thing on Bing search engine too. because you need to confirm the issue only happened in Google or other search engines too.

3. Poor content and High Bounce rate:

poor content

Content is the king of every blog. poor quality contents lead to High Bounce rate. High bounce rate naturally does low ranking. because Google webmaster decides content quality by Bounce rate.

In order to reduce bounce rate first thing is to improve your blog, you need to improve your content by deep research. well researched and presented contents are keep the audience on the page. share your own unique ideas, unique ways to present a content.

Bounce rate not only calculated by on time also measured by how many pages users viewed at the session. you can secure this by adding related posts or Internally linked related posts.

Use infographics, multimedia ex: Videos are interesting tactics to keep your audience on a page. at the same time make sure these things not reducing your web page speed. because of web page speed matters as a ranking factor.

After all worthy useful contents are appreciated by people naturally. try to throw some quality contents.

Other things causing High Bounce Rate:

User Experience:

The main user experience factor is Speed and Theme look. website speed is based on your hosting. also, your theme and widgets or plugins slow down your website. people generally don’t like a slow site. if they land on your page and it’s taking minutes to load they will jump back. aren’t you?

So, Get High-speed Hosting. I also wrote an article about How to Speed up WordPress Website? Simple Tips that Works! and Easy ways to speed up Blog/Websites Web page for Free! (Actually works)

The next factor is Theme. Simple looking themes are doing great than complicated layout themes. some themes use external CSS, Javascript to design the theme. if that external sources server is slow you site also slowed down. so prefer a simple theme that loads fast.

4. Quality Backlinks:

quality backlinks

Backlink building is the one and only concept of off-page SEO. but, Google loves natural backlinks. also, they updated their search engine algorithm to smash site which has spammy low-quality backlinks. lot’s of paid backlink built sites are penalized by this action. and remember only authority site backlinks are worthy to increase your web page ranking. that’s why I say people don’t focus too much on off page SEO. let it happen naturally!

Maybe somebody spammed your site with massive low-quality backlinks over a rival. in this case, Google webmaster handles the spam links automatically. if not you can manually disavow links by using google official tool.

Before you can check your Backlinks by using latest Google webmaster dashboard. in the left menu pan, you can find the Links option. by clicking it your links list, linked texts are shown.

5. Site Migration:

This one is common and not’s your mistake. Moving a site from Blogger to WordPress or to other CMS (Content Management System) will automatically cause the ranking drop. because the main reason is the URL structure is changed while migration. so already shared links and indexed links in webmaster will cause 404 Not found error.

You can change 404 redirects to Homepage or custom page. however, your mass redirection will be considered as suspicious from webmaster side.  it will take a month or a couple of months to regain the previous ranking level. you have to be patient while this process.

6. Improper Redirection:

The common redirection errors are non-www to www, http to https. if you not properly set these things your own site will be considered as Plagiarism (Copy content). because, Google webmaster treat every domain name http, https, www, non-www as different domains.

So double check your domain is redirecting well.

7. HTML Improvements:

Sometimes your own category pages, meta descriptions are misunderstood as duplicate content.  that’s why I suggest you use a simple theme. make sure your sitemap is correctly generated. if anything goes wrong don’t worry Google webmaster shows the warning which is causing the issue.

so, add read more button or use a short excerpt of a post. this will reduce the risk of own site Plagiarism

8. Maybe Hit by Algorithm Change:

Google update their search engine algorithm frequently to improve their search results. so do not spam with any old outdated SEO techniques. read, SEO – The Untold truths! to never get hit by SEO.

To Secure Ranking Quality:

1. Maintain the content quality

2. Check and fix the webmaster issues

3. Disavow spammy backlinks

4. Don’t buy spammy backlinks

5. Don’t follow any ingenious Black hat SEO methods. ex: Article spinning

6. Increase the Web page Speed and reduce the loading time

7. Don’t upload malicious files on your site

8. Install SSL to reduce the risk of hacking-Free Zero SSL installing Guide 

9. Disable anonymous commenting option to limit Spam comments

10. Don’t try to generate artificial traffic by using traffic exchange programs

Read, Website Quality checklist to maintain the ranking.


That’s it. following these instructions may help you to improve and secure the ranking on Google. if your site is new it takes some time may take months to rank it. because Google runs multiple tests and checks factors to rank your site. but once your site is ranked well then it’s boom!

If you find this content worthy share with your friends and leave your suggestions and any queries related to this. Thank you!

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