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How to Access the Dark Web? (Anonymously)

how-to-access-the-dark-webWant to Access the Dark web Anonymously? are you curious whats on the Dark Web? this the complete Guide for “How to Access the Dark web?”.

Access this Tor Network we need Tor Browser. The Tor Browser was developed by US NAVY to transfer secret files securely over the web. Tor Browser and Network Developed in the Name of Tor Project and Now the Tor Network running Healthy without any Privacy Issues.

Dark web and Deep Web are Different things. The deep web is the web not indexed by any search engines also not able to access. for example Government project details, users password and etc… The Dark web is Accessed by the help of tool and it has indexed contents from the Web. but the Dark web contents do not follow or governed by any Laws.

Drugs Trafficking, Child pornography, Hacking, torturing and all other dark things openly available in The Dark web. Also, secret Government projects leaks, news that not available on the regular web, real information also available on the dark web, and these things are done with the help of the Tor Network.

The Three Types of The Internet:

  1. Surface Web
  2. The Deep Web
  3. The Dark Web


1. Surface Web:

Surface web is nothing the web we regularly Access on our computer and mobile. all of the social media, Google and other websites are available on the Internet. These are Indexed and Openly available and Bounded by Law. we can Access this Internet with help of our regular Chrome and Firefox Browsers.

2. The Deep Web:

Technically we can’t Access the Deep Web. they are Non-indexable Private Information. Only a person with Valid credential can Access the information. for example, Govt. database, People Information, social media login credentials, banking details and other secret information stored and secured in the Deep web. the are Non-indexable, Non Accessible and Private. that’s why we call it Deep Web.

3. The Dark Web:

Things you can’t find on the Surface are available on the Dark Web. with the help of the Tor Browser, you can access and explore the Dark Web. The dark websites are made of P2P Peer to Peer Torrent connections. the domains are ended with .onion extensions.

The Tor Browser Also called an Onion Router. because it’s used to Access the .Onion Websites.

How to Access The Dark Web? (DarkNet)

We Need A VPN And Tor Browser to open the dark web. yes nobody can’t track what are you doing on the Tor Network but can able to track the Amount of Tor usage.

To Avoid this tracking you Need a VPN connection before connecting Tor Network. Both Free and Premium VPN available out there. both have Advantages and Disadvantages. That’s not a Matter here.

I Just Covered a List of Free VPN on My Blog. Read and Download Free VPN From Here >>

Download Tor Browser From Here >>

dark web browser

Tor Browser Available For:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Apple OS X

So you can Open the Dark Web on Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

After Downloaded A VPN connect with any Server. Now run the Tor Browser. once the Browser connected with Tor Circuit now you are Completly anonymouse to Access the Dark Web.

With the Help of TheHiddenWiki you can find the List of some Awesome Hidden Websites.

What is On The Dark Web?

Warning: The Dark web May contains Disturbing and Illegal things. The motto of this article is Educational Purpose. just covering what is Dark web and How to Access it. Accessing the Dark Web, only Involved your Own Risk.

The dark web contains illegal markets which sell Weapons, Drugs, smuggled electronics and etc… They use Bitcoin for transactions.

Also, you can buy sell Bitcoins for a cheap price. but, I am not sure how genuine are they.

Anyway, buying things from Dark Web also your risk. The famous marketplace does not cheat their customers. but buying things from the Dark web is Illegal. so beware.

Some Additional Tips:

  1. Only Download Tor Browser from
  2. Turn On HTTPS Everywhere
  3. Use Duckduckgo Search engine to search the Web. Google does not allow you to search. Because of the deep Tor Network encryption, everytime Google ask you to Pass the Bot Re-captcha test.
  4. Once the Tor Browser Launched do not Maximize the Window
  5. Always connect any VPN Before connecting to Tor Network
  6. Turn Off Javascript
  7. Disconnect or Cover your Webcam
  8. Disconnect your Mic or Cover it
  9. Do not Share your real Information
  10. Do not Install Any Plugins on Tor Browser
  11. Don’t open Downloaded documents with Tor Browser
  12. Use The Dark Web to Only Gain Knowledge and Productive Purpose


That’s it! this is the simplest method of Accessing The Dark Web Anonymously. I hope you enjoyed the Post. so let your Friends enjoy it too. Share this useful information on Social Media.

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  1. On the deep web there are also lots of legal sites, that for some reasons want to remain anonymous… well I think nothing you cannot already find on the normal web, but one can always go surfing the deep web by curiosity. At the end, everyone says that the deep web is much bigger than the “known web”, so probably a lot of people are fascinated by this fact, and are more and more curious to take a look at the deep web. As one simply surfs the deep web without watching pedopornography, buying illegal things and doing other illegal things, he can satisfy his curiosity… however yes, I agree to the fact that we shoud not do anything of particular on the deep we: if someone is curious, after he has satisfied his curiosity, I think he can forget about the deep web and not go there anymore!


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