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How to add custom sub-domain on blogger ? (step by step guide with pictures)

blogger custom sub domain
Blogger is the free hosting platform which also gives free subdomain with i am also explained how to host a custom domain with the blogger in the previous post.

before we go to steps what is custom subdomain? normally domain name starts with www[world wide web] domain which is started with www are called custom domain. even without www are
called custom domain. they also called the naked domain. instead of www place, anything in front of the domain name is called custom subdomain. for example you can also use subdomains for country-specific, if you like to target us traffic place, for India likewise. most known googles use multiple subdomains like, wikipedia also use like language-specific subdomains. I hope you got an idea of subdomains. now let me explain how to host custom subdomain with blogger.

1. Log in to a blogger account . Create a free Blogspot subdomain with blogger :
2. Then Log in to your domain registrars. I am personally registered with GoDaddy. settings almost similar with other domain registrars. Domains > DNS > ADD > CNAME follow below image.
blogger custom sub domain godaddy
Enter host as *  star means unlimited subdomains parking. means blogger hosting. you must already set up your custom domain in blogger to set up custom sun domain. now you can host subdomains within the number of 100. because blogger allows 100 free Blogspot domains only per account.

3. After login blogger account-> Settings> Basic > Publishing > Blog address > set up third party URL and click save. that’s it

Conclusion: your blogger custom subdomain is ready to launch. I hope this simple explanation useful to you. if you like this post don’t forget to share…

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