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How to add Adsense code in WordPress?

Google Adsense WordPress

The Perfect Google Adsense code insertion in WordPress will dramatically increase your Adsense revenue. not only Adsense you can insert any banner ads or widgets by using these methods. in the above image is the sample places that Ads are in most visible places.

also, over monetizing will annoy your visitors. so I have decided to guide you to how to add Google Adsense code in WordPress with the help of free Google Adsense Plugins.

before, if anybody doesn’t have Adsense account or the Application status is in pending read: Tips to Get Quick Adsense Approval–>  to Get Approval as fast as possible.

Best Adsense Ad unit selection:

  1. Responsive Ad units are Good and can suitable for mobile view.
  2. 300×250 commonly used Ad unit(text+video). suitable for sidebar widget. also, inside the post.
  3. In-Article are best to place between posts.
  4. In-Feed Ads are Good to place Ads in the Category, Archive lists feed.

Most of the new WordPress themes can able to make large size Ads into Responsive. so if you want to place a larger Ad unit check your theme and Ad visibility in Mobile view.

Try different Ad units and different places to get the optimum results. make sure your content is more then Ads.

Without Adsense Plugins to Monetize WordPress:

The WordPress settings have default HTML codes adding the option in widget Areas. by using Widgets you can add Adsense and other ads on sidebars and Footers. some themes have the header place widget. also, Ads optimized themes available out there. but they cost money.

In WordPress Dashboard left sidebar > Appearance > select Widgets

Wordpress Widget

In the Widgets section look for Custom HTML Widget. once find it tap on it and now the Available Widgets areas will be Available. select the place you want to add Adsense code. once added you can drag up or down the Widget between existed Widgets.

Wordpress Widget Custom HTML

Unfortunately, you can’t add Ad units inside the post contents, above or below the post contents in this method. don’t worry we have free plugins for this!

Best Google Adsense Plugins(Free):

WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins

0. Insert Post Ads:

My first pick is Insert Post Ads. the reason why I picked this is simple and easy to use. an effective one to Insert Adsense or other Ads inside a post in any place. search “Insert Post Ads” in the plugin search.

install and activate it. once activated you can find the installed plugin in the left sidebar. shown as “Post Adverts”

Post Adverts > Add New > Suite title and paste code > select the display location > publish.

Post Advert

Post Advert Add New post


  1. Simple one
  2. Easy to use
  3. Can Insert any Ads and Widgets(Shortcodes) inside the post
  4. Three Locations – Before content, After content and After “n”th number of a paragraph.

1. Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager:

The best one with 5 start plugin rating. the completely free one. the developer of the plugin accepts donations. comes with Header and Footer code injection. not only for Google Adsense we can also use for other Ads.

Go to WordPress Plugin search box and copy-paste “Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager” or type simply “EAA”. install and activate.

Appearance -> customize -> Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts

Easy Adsense Ads

EAA Single Post and Pages insertion

EAA Sticky Ads


  1. Works like Premium plugin. but, completely free
  2. Has support documents, videos, and forum
  3. More number of places and Advanced options
  4. Ads Rotation option available
  5. Ad Alignment options available
  6. Can Add Ad units in inside the categories and Archives list
  7. Totally Ultimate Plugin for Adsense and other Ads insertion

The Developer of “EAA” Accept donation. if you have money and support him 🙂

2. Quick Adsense:

Another Great Plugin to place Adsense and other Ads. can easily place Ads in middle and between single post and pages.


  1. Free to use
  2. More places and options to place Ads
  3. Useful to place Ads In between posts and Pages
  4. Has Header and Footer code inserter by default

3. Ad Inserter:

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin

Another good plugin to place Adsense or any Ads in WordPress. in the Free version 12 blocks to place Ads in different places.


The above-listed plugins are used and tested by me. you can use them to put Adsense or other Ad codes in your blog or website. best of luck with your monetization.!


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