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How to Boost Blog Traffic? (Free)

Boosting blog traffic is the primary concern of every blogger. Most of the bloggers want to Increase blog traffic for free. Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible. there are lots of free traffic boosting methods out there also organic.
Increase Blog traffic
organic traffic is the most important one to make your site rank top on search engines. okay, Let’s see some interesting ways to Increase  Blog/Website traffic.

Types of methods to Increase Traffic:

1. Content (Niche)
2. SEO
3. Marketing Via Social Media
4. Black Hat SEO!?

1. Content (Niche) :

“No matter At any cost content is king”. writing an amazing interesting useful content is the primary factor that increases traffic. niche selection is also important. start with which niche(content) is you have more knowledge. take your time to Research content and add additional values and post to a blog.
Always remember to write content to help out your audience from problems. helping, problem-solving type contents go viral. because people like to share these kinds of contents.
Where do I find Trending contents?
Google Trends is my preferred service to find trending topics. cause it’s free. some blog experts prefer BuzzSumo. it is limited for free use.
Paid article writers charge averagely $1 USD for 100 words. so you are writing valuable contents. keep this in mind while researching and writing articles to your blog. they also write contents also existed on the internet. for example, if you need Health and fitness post tons of articles written on the internet for the same topic.
There is no unique content. but they do more research and add values optimize for SEO and sell them. so avoid “So what?” attitude while writing a post for a blog. every word is precious. Do more Research add extra values optimize the content with SEO and publish!

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :


“DO NOT OVERDO” is the first rule of SEO.
Search Engine Optimization is a bit complicated and takes some time to give organic traffic. But sure and long-term result. Search engines consider lots of factors I don’t know sure more than 100 factors to rank a post. but we all know few of them. even experts in SEO also know few factors that affect most of SEO. I am also listing some important SEO factors. Before, you must know how to submit your blog/site to a search engine?
SEO is not a hack or instant trick. it is just a positive signal to “Hey search engines I also have a great content come and crawl me”. That’s it. search engine bots come and crawl your blog and index. but rank higher really it is quality content. following topics are basics of SEO and some technical words look like foreign words for a beginner. but it is not that hard.

1. Blog Title:

Blog title tag is the primary Place to add Keywords. most of the Content management systems consider blog title as H1 tags. blogger platform also considers blog title as the H1 tag.  keywords must be related with your niche. for example, I share blogging, tech tips I use keywords based on my niche. because search engines go for first blog title and post title H2 and then H3 subheadings and contents. They keep some orders like this.

2. URL length:

 Use short length URLs(Permalinks). must insert targeted keywords. avoid break words like of, the, is, was…etc.

3. Post title meta Tags:

H2 tags as a post title. write a clickable short title includes your keywords.

4. Post snippet or description:

most of the time descriptions are from the Very first paragraph of your post. make sure your first paragraph includes keywords of the topic.

5. Keywords:

Analyze free keywords from Google Keyword Planner.  for long tail keywords use Google Search auto-suggest. also, check the bottom of the Google search result “Searches Related” for Long tail keywords.

6. Keyword density:

The amount of usage of keywords. place targeted keywords 3 times for every 500 words. it is healthy and helps search engine bots to find what the content exactly about.

7. Lengthy contents:

 Articles word count also considered ranking high in search engines. minimum 500 words are good for SEO. try to write an article more than 500 words. 2000 words are awesome and rank higher.

8. Blog/site speed:

Who likes slow blog. fast loading blogs/sites have a chance to rank higher. here some tips to speed up your blog/website for free!. Check your blog/site speed at Google Insights.

9. Themes/Templates:

 Prefer simple responsive templates. responsive templates shrink and fit automatically for a device screen resolution. because of over 55 percent of Google search performed by smartphones. must have some attention towards mobile-optimized templates.

10. Optimize Images:

Search engines only understand images via Alt tags. optimize your image properties with title and Alt+tag.

11. Internal linking:

 Linking your blog related posts inside of an article. it will increase CTR Click Through Rates and Increase blog traffic.

12. External linking:

 Referring authority blogs/sites are the healthy habits to increase the trust of Search engines and also, your audience.

13. Backlinks:

Social media shares, leaving a comment on authority blogs will increase your blog traffic. some pro bloggers use infographic charts to get more backlinks naturally. buying backlinks are considered as offensive by search engines side. beware.

14. Rich contents:

 Try to add some relevant Images and multimedia ( Youtube video embed)  with your blog post. even a content with one image performs well for SEO. Remeber “Do not overdo” is the First rule of SEO.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Marketing is the must skill every blogger should have. without marketing, your blog will not get popular. in this 21st century, social media are very effective medium to promote your blog, brand, and services. you can promote your blog on available social media for free. “If you take a day to research a topic and take hours to write an article you must take a day to promote it”.  you can also pay to get more visitors if you wish.
Social media marketing
Create a Facebook fan page and share interesting contents along with your content. most of the blogs follow this method. for example, sarcastic Facebook page shares sarcastic posts and share a blog/website link between every 3 to 4 posts. they also get more likes, followers and free traffic to a site.
Participate in every social media which allows you to share your blog contents. Quora, Google plusLinkedIn, Mix(StumbleUpon), Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, reddit, Whatsapp and many more free social media out there.
Make sure your blog has all the social media share buttons. also, encourage your audience to share your contents. more social media engagements more traffic. this will surely increase your blog traffic.

4. Black Hat SEO:

A taboo for search engines. in case some Blackhat methods can cheat search engine bots sometimes but not an audience. the audience is not bots to cheat. what are some common blackhat SEO to increase blog traffic?
blackhat SEO

Keyword stuffing:

Filling your contents with more number of repeated keywords. overdoing keywords density. irrelevant keywords are spoiling your blog rank from search engines. Google search engines algorithms updated frequently to show exact search results. sometimes it works and sometimes not. this will annoy your audience and you lose trust.

Spun Articles:

Article spinning was a sensitive method to follow. A lot of free article spinning services out there. but their quality worst compared to paid versions. article spinners spin(replace) words with other synonyms. it may hack Search engines, not people. because it is hard to read by people. they will easily notice there is something wrong with the content. this will ruin trust towards your blog.
“Write for people not for Search engine”

Buying Backlinks:

Google webmasters do not like paid backlinks. if they found unusual backlink activities they will blacklist your vlog from search engines.


Above discussed methods will definitely increase your blog traffic. In SEO section I explained basics with short descriptions. I will share detailed SEO in feature soon. keep in touch.
Marketing methods will be changing for a blog, e-commerce sites, and services. I will give a brief explanation about marketing in feature post soon.
I hope this article will help you to get more organic traffic and increase your blog/site traffic.
Leave a Quick comment about your suggestions, and doubts.
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