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How to create a facebook fan page and embed to website? (Easy) | 2018

facebook fan page

Hi, there today we are gonna discuss how to create a facebook fan page and how to embed it to your blog or website. why should I create a facebook page? Because facebook page is the very important thing to grow your business. very helpful to promote a blog or website. let’s see

how to create a facebook page :

1. Login to > Top Right side Small Triangle arrow upside down click > you can see create page >  Business or Brand / Community page select preferred one > follow the columns with the page name, description, address and continue. 

facebook create page

2.  Now you have successfully created a page and upload the profile picture and cover picture. your facebook page is ready and invites your friends to your page. in starting you can get low likes in future you can achieve more likes.

3. If you like to Edit page info in your page below cover picture you can see three dots after share button, just click it > Edit page info.

How to add or embed facebook fan page to blog/ website?
1. Creating a Facebook page is a simple thing and also adding or embedding facebook page to a blog or website. follow you can land the Facebook social plugin developers page. if you have a single page use default URL. more than one-page select which one you need to embed and past URL because it will display first created page URL by default.
2. Now click Get code button > a page with Javascript SDK and IFrame will pop-up. here the important step you need to place Javascript SDK before </body>. Don’t confuse I will give detailed steps with pictures. I am using blogger platform, so I give steps based on blogger, whatever platform you use almost process is same.
In blogger > Log in > Select Blog > Theme > Edit HTML > Press Ctrl+F >  </body> > Hit Enter
paste Javascript SDK above </body> and SAVE.
[Note: Avoid Delimiter Error use &amp; instead of & ]
3. Place the code provided in step 3 wherever you want to appear. in blogger Log in > Select Blog >  Left column > Layout > HTML/Javascript 
That’s it, these are simple methods to create add/embed facebook fan page to a blog or website.

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