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How to Disable Copy-Paste-Right Click on Blogger? (Working) | 2018

How to Disable Copy-Paste-Right Click on Blogger
Are you worried about somebody copying your content? by Disabling copy-paste-right click you can protect your contents from Copycats. everybody copying Ideas from another person. It is human nature. but copying top to bottom is not good. However, this is the one of the major problem every blogger experience. A blog post takes days to research and hours to write. It is not easy to bear somebody copied your hard work without your permission or credit.
Every problem has a solution. by installing javascript you can disable right click and cut-copy-paste function. Is this really gonna work? No, but it will limit the action. not completely stop the theft. by disabling javascript on the browser they can bypass the protection script.
But Javascript stops the beginners to copying from your blog. because they don’t know what is copyright, SEO. I am also, in the beginning, Have no Idea about SEO, Duplicate contents. I am also copied content from other blogs and the funny things I applied for Adsense. They Disapproved. We all did this, aren’t you? Eventually, I realized Oh, there is a lot to learn about blogging! and I started writing on my own and get approved by Adsense. So below Javascript will stop the people like me in the past:
<script type=”text/javascript”>
$(document).ready(function () {
    //Disable cut copy paste
    $(‘body’).bind(‘cut copy paste’, function (e) {
    //Disable mouse right click
        return false;
Place this code between Head tags or Widget Add HTML/Javascript:

The common doubt every blogger has is Disabling Copy will affect SEO?

NO, until you encrypt the content search engine bots will crawl your content. I also asked about the above javascript on Google product forum. there is no issue in the Javascript.
Okay, it will not completely stop the copying. even a guy asked in google webmaster forum I typed every word from another blog content. I am not copied. why google not rank my blog? sounds like crazy? copy or type is the same thing. this kind of people also exist.

So, What to Do?

There is an alternate effective method available. Once your content crawled by Search engines no matter your blog will be ranked higher on search results. some major blogs do not even install Javascript. because their contents will be indexed in seconds and minutes. Every time I publish a post I instantly get 2 or 3 traffic from search. search engines trusted my blog and crawl every time I publish a post.
So if you write a quality content search engines will show more interest to crawl and index your site.
In some case, if your blog did not instantly crawl by Search engines try the below method:
Google Webmaster has a special feature to request a quick index. you can request up to 10 URLs per day manually. once you requested your URL will be crawled and indexed as soon as possible. I also use this method to avoid copying.
Sign in to Google Webmaster > Click on property > Left sidebar click Crawl > Fetch as Google > enter the specific URL and FETCH > Request Index. Do this for both Desktop and Smartphone.
Before doing this submit the sitemap and continue.
Fetch and Render take some time to render and crawl your content. once you submitted to fetch as google at any cost you are the first publisher of the content.
Also, Bing, Yahoo has the feature. Yahoo is combined with bing. you can only able to submit in bing,
Sign in to Bing Webmaster > Click on the site > Submit a sitemap > Back > Left sidebar Submit URLs > and Submit.



I hope this article will help you to protect the content. by following, the above methods will absolutely save your blog from copycats.
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