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How To Make Money Online ? (Legit Ways) | 2018

How To Make Money Online ? Legit Ways to Make Money Online !

Look around you, all of us running into rush because of money. almost we all after money, maybe some exceptions. but 99.99 percent of people waking up on morning by thinking only about financial and wealth💰. that is human nature, we can’t change that. money has a lot of power but it also has some limitation. money can’t buy the sun, moon or breeze. it can’t buy true love, true friendship. except this money can buy all
😎. Bill Gates was worlds number one Millionaire, now Jeff Bezos on top list-oh that is not our concern. Bill Gates used to say ” Your business not on the internet, then your business will be out of business“. the worlds top millionaires Jeff Bezos doing business online make trillions, the facebook oh Napster admin advised to remove the ‘the’. facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire of earth, google, twitter, also Thepiratebay makes millions of money online. but why can’t we able to make few bucks to afford coffee, burger. yes, we can make more than few bucks if you are a listener and optimistic most important hard-work. most of people failed online because of lack of patience, not ready to update their ideas, ability and low confidence. the main point is “they do not treat online as a real job” . okay, lets see some common and useful methods of making money online…

1. Online Jobs :

There is a lot of advertisements you may see when browsing the internet, like make 50,000 $ per month. but they are scams. why most of the people don’t trust online jobs because of 90 percent of internet filled with fake advertisements. however, the remaining 10 percent of jobs are genuine but we rejected them because of past fake jobs experience. here the real online job.


how to make money online with amazon mturk

Amazon Mturk. known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, one of the largest Human Intelligence TaskCrowdsource work. Highly trust worthy, on time payments, you can select your own work time also works. Native English country’s approved quickly to work. Amazon mturk closed world wide service due to quality improvement. their approved country’s are listed below. if you are one of the below country’s citizen you are in luck. if you are not, don’t worry still you can apply but they put your application on a waiting list. how long can wait ? hardly you have to wait for 1 to 2 years. yes years, you can have a lot of options online until this happens. i am also explained some other ways to make money online below topics.

amazon mturk approved countries
Don’t try any black hat methods to apply mturk outside of these country’s. changing ip address , fake identity’s not work. amazon mturk can track your ip address. the bigger problem is if you give fake id how to make your bank transfers ? so be smart. once they blocked ip, you are not able to open account lifetime on that device.
Amazon Mturk Payment Methods:
-Amazon Gift card, no minimum limit.
-Direct Bank wire transfer-minimum payout- $ 3.00
-Via Check minimum payout- $ 100.00
2.Blog and Vlog :
Blogging is another very powerful way to make money online, only if you have passion about blogging. you don’t make money your only intention is making moneys. things not work in that way. blogger must be honest with his readers, he gain trust from his readers. it’s not the instant way to make money, but it’s a large amount of money making method. if you are in blogging platform you must learn and upgrade you skills frequently in a lifetime. time, technology and world are keep changing.
how to make money with blogger
If you are a beginner just start a blog with subdomains. after improved your skills you can migrate to custom domains. why i suggest blogger, because it has simple and easy Graphical UI. Best for beginners. if you got more numbers of visitors in your blog you can monetize your blog with google adsense, such ad networks.
Also, there is SEO , Keyword Research related skills required for blogger. we can discuss such kind of things in feature posts.
Vlog is known as Video blogging . you can make interesting videos and upload it to youtube, dailymotion. youtube is the largest and best video sharing platform and almost trusted by everyone. you can easily monetize your youtube videos by google adsense . youtube is part of google. in video blogging also need SEO and Keyword research. if you wish to make more money on youtube you must create interesting, fresh contents. this kind of contents lead you to get more subscribers.
how to make money online with youtube
3. Affiliate Marketing :
Affiliate Marketing also the “best way to make money, only you treat it as Real Job”. you can get commission by referring products. you can do affiliate marketing with a website or without one. build your own niche website and promote products. this not give you instant money, you must earn trust from your visitors. that’s the point how visitors converted into buyers. a lot of affiliate programs out there, how to pick the right one ? If you are a beginner start you affiliate marketing with amazon associates .
Amazon is the largest and trustworthy online company . it is easy to promoting products. you can promote amazon associate products without a website by social media.
how to make money online with amazon associates
4. Become a Seller online:
you can sell your own products on amazon, ebay like e-commerce websites . just like blogging you can better describe your products and gain trust from the e-commerce site and buyers . this also take a long time to make passive money, but it can.
5. By Domain Flipping and selling, you can make money online. you can purchase famous phrase contained domain name and sell. some people make real money by domain flipping . it is not matter what method you select to make money online, you must work hard to shine.
ConclusionThese are common ways to make money online. may be a lot of ways available to make money online. you may suggest any useful methods that missed above via comments.
Leave a quick comment which method you going to try!

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