How to Securely Access The Dark Web? What is on it?

How to access dark web
The article is about ‘how to securely access the dark web’. what is dark web? the content you can’t access normally. it contains illegal and hidden secrets of the internet. not only for the illegal purpose you can use it as a knowledge gaining platform. you need the Tor Browser to access the so-called dark web. dark web websites are created Peer to Peer connections like the torrent.
these kinds of dark web websites end with .onion  extensions.

Three types of the Internet:

1. The Surface web:

The normal web we use day by day. in best words web accessed or crawled by Search engines. only surface web contents crawled and indexed by search engines. the ‘dofollow’ contents. the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and other common websites existed on the surface web.

2. The Dark Web:

The Dark web is another side of the internet with full freedom. where the government’s laws do not apply. The total anonymous thing. You can hire a Hacker, Assasins and buy drugs. Is accessing dark web Illegal? no, accessing the dark web is not illegal, buying or hiring from the dark web is illegal.
Is anybody tracked on Dark web?
It’s very hard to track the dark web activities. in some case, they deliver items by remote-controlled little copters.

3. The Deep web:

A lot of people confuse deep web with dark web. the difference is you can access the dark web and you can’t access deep web. the deep web contains passwords, secret projects, nuclear missile launch codes kind of things. they just stored away and protected from the internet. it will be only accessed by the person who authorized. the ‘nofollow’ contents. these kinds of contents not touched by search engines.

Here, How to Access Dark web securely?

dark web browser

Things you need to enter the dark web:

1. The normal chrome, firefox is not programmed to access dark web. you need Tor Browser from the official site. Download it and install it.
2. Before you run Tor Browser install a VPN and connect with a foreign server. why VPN? they will not able to track what you’re doing on the dark web. but they will able to track the Tor network usage. so using a VPN is the additional security.
3. Run the tor browser it will take some moment to connect Tor network. after connected make sure enabled HTTPS everywhere.
4. In Duck Duck go enter the Hidden Wiki. the Hidden wiki contains the Famous dark web websites. you can explore whats on it. there is no difference between Dark web and Surface web. illegal website blocked on the surface web. they not blocked on dark web.

What is other Purpose using the Tor browser?

Tor browser developed from open source Mozilla Firefox by US NAVY. they programmed this to secure the data, projects of the government’s. Journalists, Government also uses Tor network to share their secret data.

How secure is the Tor network?

A VPN is Know the starting node and connect with the end node to access blocked content. some VPN companies promise they don’t store logs. there is no guarantee…
But Tor connects directly with Tor network with multiple nodes and gave access to the dark web. No logs, No start and End nodes. If they try to track the Tor network it goes infinitely layer by layer and ends with nothing like the Onion. that is why it also called as Onion Router.

Conclusion :

This article purpose is to educate the other side of the internet. we will not encourage to use The Dark Web. Just for geek persons to explore what is on it?
I hope this post gives an idea about the dark web.
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