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How to start a Blog or Website to Make Real Money Online?


Want to start a Blog or Website and Make some Real money online? This Article is especially for You!

When it comes to Making money Online, Creating a Website is the Best and Easy Way. Because it’s only online business Needs Less Investment!

A Decent Web Hosting Only cost $3.95/month. Also, A Free Domain Comes with it. One month Money Back Guarantee!

Yeah, Running a Website or Blog is a Business. you have No Idea How much money you can make once you succeed.

Like all business, it needs some skill sets, Patience and a lot of Hard work.

And the Interesting thing is Blogging suitable for all kind of people. you can do this as a Hobby, Part-time, while job hunting. you can blog about anything you interested.

You can be a Tech blogger, Food Blogger, Movie Blogger, Travel Blogger and etc… you name it. you have a hand full of options and freedom.

Ways to Make Money with a Website:

There are multiple Ways to generate Income through a Website. I am listing some Popular Ways.

  1. Showing Ads ex: Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Infor Products
  4. Selling a Consulting Service

Google Adsense is the best Ad Network in CPC, CPM Ads. Getting Approval from Adsense is Also Easy. But Quality contents Must Get Google Adsense Approval.

There are lots of Affiliate Marketing Out there. Choose Affiliates from your Main Niche.

Selling Your Own Info Products ex: E-Books, Selling Consulting Service ex: SEO Service also some ways.

Things You Need to Be a Successful Blogger:

1. Best Web Hosting With Free Domain Name:

We are Going to discuss the things you need to become a Successful Blogger in Orderwise. First, We Need A Domain Hosting and Best Web Hosting.

Don’t worry I Have a great Web Hosting Recommendation for you. personally tested and trusted and used by Millions of people. That is BlueHost Web Hosting.

Bluehost is the Only Web Hosting Available out there with Quality and Affordable. Easy One-click WordPress Install, Free SSL, Excellent customer care are some Highlights of BlueHost.

BlueHost Also Give a Free Domain Name with All Hosting Plans. The startup Pack is coming with Great Discount.

Some more about Bluehost Web Hosting:



  1. Free .com Domain
  2. Unmetered Bandwidth – which means infinite traffic (hits) per month
  3. Can create and Host 25 sub-domains in the basic plan. other plans you can host unlimited sub-domains
  4. Free SSL
  5. One-click WordPress Install
  6. 24×7 support
  7. All just for $3.95 per month

Plan Selection Guide:

I suggest the basic plan if you are a beginner. most of the time people make mistake by over investing their money on costly hosting. as a beginner, it’s a mistake.

Once your blog reached more people move to a High specification Web Hosting Plan.

so go for the Basic plan, jump to advanced plan after the growth. if you are already running growing a blog move to Choice plus. both plus and choice plus cost $5.95 USD per month.

How to purchase Hosting with a Free domain from Bluehost?

1. Go to and tap “Get started now” button.



2. Select your plan. Basic or Plus or Choice Plus.


3. select a free domain name. if you already have one. update it.

4. Then fill up your Account information and Billing Address.


5. Now select the Package 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. select long term 36 months package to reduce the billing cost.


6. select the payment method and provide payment detail.



7. Create a password for your account.




8. Select a free theme and start building a site.



9. Now you are done. here the WordPress dashboard looks like. build and launch your site!




That’s it. we successfully created a blog with Bluehost. now you are ready to go. publish great contents, solve people problems, Monetize and Make money online.

2. Reliable Blogging Platform:

WordPress is the best Blogging Platform with an excellent user interface, More features, tons of Plugins, tons of themes, and a large number of developers.

WordPress is coming Free with All Hosting Plans. installing and Managing WordPress also easy. Highly customizable.

WordPress has an excellent SEO-Search Engine Optimization feature for Hosted sites. you can completely edit and Optimize SEO Top to Bottom of a site.

3. A Neat Theme:

Themes matter for a Blog. do not overdesign your blog. Simplicity is the secret key to Blogging Success. A lot of Free Themes Available in WordPress Free themes section.

Hueman is one of the best free themes comes with more customization Options. Just search the name “Hueman” in WordPress themes and Install.

However, Free themes always come with limitations. you can’t edit Typography, colors, footer and etc… So Buying a Premium Theme is recommended. choose any theme based on your Niche.

4. Basic Internet Knowledge:

Just Basic Internet Knowledge is enough to become a Blogger. in Blogging Writing Skill is Important. technical problems, Help will be solved by Web Hosting Customer Service.

So Don’t worry about Technical Skills in Blogging.

5. Marketing Skills:

Marketing is Important than Writing Quality content. Social media, SEO are the Free and Working methods of Promoting Blog.

Initially, marketing may seem harder for a newbie. because a new blogger does not have lots of social media followers in their niche.

Plus even their on-page SEO and content are good due to lack of Authority for the first time Your Ranking Maybe delayed.

But, over a Period of time, you will get your followers and authority. once it is done A simple share can make your Day.

6. Passion:

You Should Passionate About Blogging. you cant get success if you don’t love what you do. do not start a Blog for Money Making purpose only. Money is the By-Product of Blogging.

So Passion is the Important Key to Become a Successful Blogger.

7. Patience:

You have to wait for a taste of your Success. your Blogging success depends on your Hard Working and Learning Skills. 3 months, 6 months or A Year you are the one going to decide.

Your Success time span is completely in your Hand. so be consistent, Work Hard, never lose Hope.

8. Hard Work:

Blogging is a Smart Choice to Make Money Online. it doesn’t mean it’s easy or any shortcuts. you have to Put some efforts into it.  treat Blogging like a Real  Business. this attitude will definitely give you success.

Helpful Blogging Resources:

  1. Important Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know!
  2. Motivation for Writing A Blog Post!
  3. Google Adsense Approval Tips (Fast Approval)
  4. SEO- The Untold Truths – Pure Organic SEO
  5. Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically? Here The Fix! 
  6. 7 Best Free SEO Tools to Rank #1 in Google


These are some Key Factors to start a Blog. In My Experience Starting a Blog is Easy. also making money easy only you are staying consistent and Working hard.

Do not hesitate to take Action. There is No good time to start a Blog. there is always competition. soon is better.

Well, We have Reached the End of the Post. Hope this Guide Help you to start a Blog.

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