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How to use or put keywords in blog posts, blogger posts ? (Guide with pictures ) | 2018

how to use keywords

The keyword is one of the important tool used in blogging. search engines targeting selective words in posts to display results. because people search for things in search engine with four to five words posts are written over thousands of words, in order to display exact results search engines target keywords from users search term. for example, this post is about keyword – so I use keywords like “how to use keywords?” “how to put keywords?” related. however, this kind of keywords are commonly used in millions of website what makes difference in your blog? using keywords in an optimized way.

Where to find keywords? , nowadays keyword research and SEO related are big business in blogging platform. so try free keyword research methods if you can’t afford premium keyword research and SEO tools.

From Google :

You can get keywords from Google AdWords Keyword Planner and also google search bar. most of the people using the google search engine to find things. so google is the best and free tool to get ideas about keywords.

google auto-suggest
You can also use the bottom of Google results page search related
Google Search related free and unlimited keyword research tool to find keywords on youtube, Amazon, eBay, bing, google, and app store. the very useful tool you never forget.
keywordtool io
Places to put keywords in a blog:
1. Blog title and description :
Blog title and description are the very first place to put keywords, in the title usually we mention blog name. better description about your blog can help search engines show valid results.
2. Meta tags in blogger :
Login to blogger > settings > search preferences > Meta tags > Enable shown in below picture
blogger meta tags
3. Images with ALT  text :
Click on image > Properties > ALT text like below 
blogger alt text
4. The post title is the first impression of a keyword. post titles are first crawled by search engines.
5. Blog post: you can put keywords in between blog posts. don’t overdo or repeat the same keywords. duplicate keywords can confuse search engines.
6. Search description in blogger : create new post > right column > Post settings > Search description  
blogger search description
7. Last but not least: put keywords in the custom permalink. links are considerable one to place keywords. in blogger create post > Post setting > permalink  > custom permalink
blogger custom permalink
shown pictures are from blogger platform. WordPress or whatever platform you use the steps and settings are almost the same.[ NOTE: don’t fill with the junk of keywords or irrelevant keywords, it can ruin your quality from search engines. once you are not liked by search engine they don’t show deep interest in crawling your site.]
I hope this can give a clear idea about the usage of keywords.

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