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Indian Telecom Networks started Charging Incoming calls! Here Why?

Indian telecom incoming calls blocked

Hello everyone! Indian telecom networks started blocking incoming calls and messages if your balance validity gets expired. they are using a tricky trap. most of the private sector networks stopped their 10rs, 20rs long validity packs. why? the reason is below!

so you have no way other than recharging with 28 Days(minimum recharge) validity monthly pack. once your pack expired you have not recharged again within 15 days your Incoming calls, messages and everything will be blocked. in other words, service validity expired.

recently my Vodafone SIM stopped receiving any incoming calls and messages. I have contacted customer care. poor customer care service. took 7 minutes to connect with customer care agent. and I collected the details why my incoming calls are Blocked.

then I figured out here pack validity is the problem. so to test I recharged online a 10rs small recharge pack. only balance added to my expired pack. not validity. again contacted Vodafone customer care. now they improved their service. now took 6 minutes to connect with an agent. what an Improvement!

I asked them why no validity added for my 10rs Pack. they said Validity is not applicable for that pack. WTF? as I said they played their corporate game with us. now we need(forced) to recharge any Unlimited or combo pack for 43 Days once. minimum 35rs.

also, they said all the Indian telecom networks following the same procedure. but I doubt BSNL not doing this process. they still have small recharge packs with long validity.

this incoming blocking is confirmed on the Vodafone network. other private sector networks also stopping their small long validity packs. so, we are indirectly charged for incoming calls. I believe in the feature, these networks make this situation worse.

in the old days, the private sector telecom charged incoming calls. only rich people used mobile phones and telephones. after the BSNL entry, BSNL only charged for outgoing calls. so, other networks stopped charging incoming calls.

so I believe again BSNL play their game and save us from incoming call charges.

Lesson learned:

  1. Corporates will be corporates
  2. Nothing is Free or Cheap
  3. In the end, as usual, people lose

Disclaimer: My experience with the Vodafone network is true. as a consumer and Indian citizen, I have a rights to complain and review a product publically to create awareness. so Private sector telecom networks take this as a complaint and fix it.

And, readers Share your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you!

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