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The Reason Why Your Google Adsense Earning is Low!?

Google Adsense High CPC

Hi, Google Adsense Publishers! is your Google Adsense Earning low? and you want to increase Google Adsense Earning? yes, you can increase your Adsense income by following some simple steps. before, you should know why your Adsense Income is Low:

  1. Poor Monetization
  2. Niche
  3. Traffic
  4. Keywords

1. Poor Monetization:

Not monetized your ads in a most visible way. use responsive templates and ads. because of more than 50 % of the people use a mobile phone to access the internet. for example, if you are placing an ad unit on the sidebar it may visible on laptop and desktop view. but in the mobile phone, it will go down the bottom of the page because of a responsive theme.

responsive templates also shrink large ad units as device display. a lot of free WordPress themes available in the theme section. filter by responsive and search, install, test and activate.

so what is the fix? posting ads before content, after content, and between content. if you are using WordPress use post adverts or quick Adsense to post ads inside the ads. choose in-articles ads from your Adsense dashboard to monetize.

using more visible billboard ads like large ad units will give you positive results. but make sure your ad units are not more than content. if you annoy readers it will increase the bounce rate. not good for SEO. there is no limits on ad units to monetize a page but 3 text + Display ads and 2 Link ads are enough for a page.

2. Niche:

Adsense CPC and RPM rates vary niche to niche and page to page because of the content. AdSense show ads on the content base. relevant ads. not all the ads got same CPC rates. I initially wondered why all the blogs explain about SEO. finally, I found SEO related keywords have high CPC like avg. 10$ for a click. it is not the highest CPC. Google Adsense Highest CPC is avg. 300$.

Some High CPC Niches:

  • Law firm
  • Insurence
  • Doctors
  • SEO and Web Hosting

Why they are High have High CPC. Because of people not interested in the niches. who like to read about Law firm expect Law students. and Law students don’t hire Lawyers. so its bit difficult to promote and serve ads. so they got High CPC.

3. Traffic:

You may think getting a high number of traffic will increase Adsense earnings. things do not work in that way. Adsense revenue varies from country to country. The UK, US countries have high CPC  than other countries. getting traffic from UK and US will only help you to achieve high Adsense earning.

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4. Keywords:

Adsense Ads automatically display by keyword of the content. keywords are the only thing webmaster and Adsense use to find what is the content exactly about.

if you are writing a blog post about Law firms and how to hire a Lawyer you should use long tail keywords. these long tail keywords help to display high CPC Ads and also Helps to rank your post top on search engines.


Most of the time beginner bloggers face this low earning problem. because a new blog takes some time to generate organic traffic. don’t try to change your niche because of High CPC keywords. just continue whatever niche is you are on. once it gets succeeded move to another one. because Focus is the only thing beyond success.

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