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Low RAM? Low-end PC? here the solution to tune up! (Simple and Fast)

RAM tune up

Hi, if you are using low-end pc with Low RAM?[Random Access Memory]. want to tune-up PC. this article will help you to tune up your pc performance! what is the purpose of RAM? stores data of currently running programs or store data temporarily. it is a physical thing placed in a system. a RAM is mostly replaceable or upgradable. follow the below tips to improve performance.

1.Uninstalling unwanted programs:

Computers most of the RAM generally occupied by unwanted programs. why? they are installed on the hard disk? no, they probably running background without your knowledge. by simply uninstalling unwanted programs no need of all the time end background process manually. and don’t trust software from strange sites, they may be trying to plant a virus. a simple less than a
megabyte software is enough to damage your system.

Don’t use RAM booster like free software, the funny thing is they also occupy some place in ram
while running. most of the software wants you to pay.

How to uninstall?

In Windows start->control panel->programs and features->uninstall
(or) press WINDOWS+X->control panel->programs and features->uninstall

How to check background process?

Right click on Toolbar->Task Manager->Process->Right click the program you want to end->End task
you can also exit unwanted programs from system tray[ small triangle up arrow in toolbar].

Note: Google Chrome browser uses more RAM for performance. if you have 1gb less than 1gb RAM switch to Mozilla Firefox.

2. Using lightweight antivirus:

Why antivirus? if you are a windows user antivirus is the most essential program you need. this one is not like some unwanted software.

How antivirus affect system performance?

Antivirus runs background real-time 24/7 or how long you use the system. they run an automatic scan, automatic virus sample submit, and automatic virus database updates. the single program runs these kinds of operations background without your knowledge. so they use more system resources mostly RAM.

What to Do?

My suggestion is to stay with default provided antivirus program by Microsoft.  their official molecules removal tools are Microsoft security essential and windows defender. avoid installing antivirus more than one. some people install two or three antiviruses on a single computer because they think more antivirus means more security. this is absolute stupidity. they will kill your computers. one is very enough to secure system.

Switch to Linux based operating systems. Linux does not need an Antivirus.

3. Using a suitable operating system:

When it comes to low-end system Linux is the best OS to install. linux comes with lots of distributions and based on low to high-end machines.

If your RAM is 64 MB-128 MB try  Puppy Linux.

512 MB RAM try Windows XP [ Windows XP stopped official updates]

1 GB RAM try Windows 7 or best try Windows 7 starter.

1 GB RAM to fast performance install Ubuntu or Linux mint.

2 GB RAM install Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

4. Upgrading RAM:

The final solution is if still, you are facing a slow computer problem it is the time to update your RAM. upgrading CPU is quite uneasy. but RAM always comes with the replaceable setup. some system has two RAM slots for the upgrade.

How to select RAM?

go for double data RAM.

DDR2 Good performance low cost
DDR3 Better performance Budget Cost
DDR4 Best performance High cost

Additional tip: Windows operating system has default ReadyBoost option when you plug in pen drive. use 3.0 Pendrive for best performance. My computer> Removable Disk>Right click>properties>Readyboost>Apply.

Final words: Following the above solutions will make your system as fast as possible. even if you are facing performance issue its time to get a new computer or laptop. I hope this content will helpful to you.

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