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How to Motivate yourself to Write a Blog Post? (Awesome factors Included)


Are you bored and tired of Blogging? don’t know how to get Motivation to write Blog? this article is for you!

okay, why you feel hard while writing a blog post? one of the following factors will be the answer:

  1. Your Blog not getting any Traffic
  2. Not a Native English Writer
  3. You are Overdoing it

Am I right? find the reason?

Let me Explain how the above factors affect you.

1. Your Blog not getting Any Traffic:

Traffic is the main factor of a blog. but, getting decent traffic is hard as hell. because of heavy competition. you may think Social media and SEO works like magic. but it’s not.

You need lot’s of social media followers and perfectly Optimized SEO.

Even, your new blog contains unique information and well SEO optimized, due to lack of Authority you are not ranked top instantly. it takes a long time to accumulate Domain Authority.

For these reasons, your blog stumbles to get traffic. no traffic, no income. unfortunately, sometimes this Blogging plateau(no improvement) continues for months.

At this point, most of the Bloggers lost their entire Hope. they feel like their beautiful hard work wasted. so they get depressed and demotivated.

So, just you need to hope. hope is the only way to overcome this depression. your blog will get lots of traffic once it ranked well, even one post ranked top. so just be patient and continue your marvelous work.

Real example: My Blog was also getting 100 visitors per day Avg. but now I am Getting more than 2500+ Visitors Averagely.  Only 2 of my posts Ranked well and their Organic clicks Increasing Day by Day. now my Other posts also started Ranking in Google.

Traffic report Google Analytics

This is the Real Proof. So, Don’t Worry If you are not getting High Traffic. you will be in the feature.

2. Not a Native English Writer:

Writing Blog Posts

We all know English is the International Language. also, a Business Language. so, you have started a Blog in English but Not having experience in Writing English.  I am also not a Native speaker or Writer. but I learned English Vocabularies, Grammer, by Watching Hollywood Movies with Subscenes and Reading Blogs, Quora, News Papers.

My Writing skills in English Improving Day by Day. You just have to Practice. Confidently Write Posts and use Grammarly Addon to check Grammar mistakes and Proofread your Article twice and Hit Publish Button.

Don’t Afraid. Most of the readers Only mind Valuable contents. not Grammar. They just notify you if you made any mistakes. it’s also Helps you to correct the mistakes next time.

“Only Practice Makes A Man Perfect”

3. You are Overdoing It:


Maybe you are Overwhelmed by Writing too much. pushing yourself harder. Actually sitting in a front computer working for a long time without any Break, Entertainment cause difficulty in work. so take a little break between your work. take a little tour.

Maybe running more than one blog. 2, 3 or more. yes, starting multiple blogs at the same time is easy.  but maintaining them is the Hard one.

Focus on One Main domain. make other blogs as Microniche. contains 20-25 posts.

Also, following SEO, Blog writing Tips from multiple people make you hard. different people follow different methods to improve their Blog and Traffic. but, there is no guarantee they all work for you.

Don’t confuse with this overwhelmed information. follow one successful person tips to develop your Blog, SEO, Traffic.

Helpful Resources to Improve Blog:

  1. Important Things Every Blogger Should know!
  2. SEO- The Untold Truths!?
  3. 7 Best free SEO tools to rank Your Blog #1 in Google.
  4. How to start a Perfect Budget Blog with Bluehost.

Bottom Line:

As per Buzzsumo report Daily 2 million Articles published on the Internet. it’s a heavy competition though. so you are the one who makes your article stand with the competition.

Write unique, awesome, useful contents.  Google also loves Fresh contents. so, adopt posting at least an Article per day.

I believe this article will help you to overcome with your blog writing issues. Share this article with your friends. and follow my Blog, Subscribe the Newsletter to receive awesome contents like this.

Also, Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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