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Off page SEO

Off-Page SEO[Search Engine Optimization] techniques to rank higher your site on search engines. in this post, we discuss off-Page SEO factors, off-page SEO tools and which is really gonna work. on-page SEO is we do on the page of a site to get top rank on search engine. off-page SEO is we do outside of our blog to rank site top.

Why Off-page SEO:

  1. Improve your Blog/Site Authority
  2. Improve Trust flow
  3. Improve Pagerank
  4. Improve Ranking in search engines
  5. Increase Traffic

Off-page SEO Techniques:

  1. Backlinks building
  2. Social signals
  3. Social Bookmarking

Backlinks Building:

  1. Guest Blogging: Its the most common method used by bloggers to build a backlink for their sites. but only links from authority sites are considered as quality links.

How to find High Authority blogs to Guest blogging:

  • Simply search your niche blogs on Google
  • Find out are they offer guest blogging
  • If they offer, Check their Authority and ranking on Smallseotools or Checkpagerank
  • If the authority of the site was High Write guest post

     2. Infographics: Infographics are the best way to build backlinks without guest blogging. you need to create an awesome Infographic about your topic and let Embed it by other bloggers.

     3. Forums and Directory Submissions: Participate your niche related forums and help them to solve issues and leave a link if you have the solution. directory submission some directories need to be paid to create a quality Backlinks.

Social Signals:

Social bookmarking

You have no idea how important is the social signal to rank your site. Because social media are used by people. if your blog post liked, shared, commented most which means your content is trusted. How to increase social signals?

You must participate all most used social media and join your niche related groups and pages. Just leaving a strange link will not help you. So add some value and leave links on the page, groups only for problem-solving purpose. People easily sniff what is your intention. So don’t annoy. This is the method you can also gain social bookmarking organically.

Why Buying Backlinks Not Worth?

More numbers of backlinks are not worth if they are from low authority sites. So avoid buying backlinks. For example, A has 100 backlinks from random sites, B has 20 Backlinks from Authority sites. Guess which one is ranked top? Absolutely, B ranked on top because of High-Quality Backlinks.

Also buying backlinks are considered as spamming by Google view. Maybe google allows piracy contents but they don’t allow spamming.


These techniques are commonly used as off-page SEO. I know its bit difficult phase because you are based on someone else. A dependant. don’t waste your time too much on optimizing search engines. Focus on contents. Good contents always stand. Also, guys from Incomeschool youtube channel proved one of their blogs drive more traffic without backlinks.

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