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Repair corrupted Pen-drive, Memory card without any software! (Easy and Fast)

repair memory card and pen-drive
The post explains how to Repair corrupted Pen-drive, Memory card without any software. if your pen-drive or memory card corrupted I will help you to fix it. is this possible? yes, it can. it can recover your pen-drive/memory card full capacity back.

How pen-drive and memory card corrupt?

  • By virus attack.
  • Improper plug and play.
  • Improper eject.
  • Poor quality product.

How we fix this?

By Windows OS default Command prompt. no need for an additional software.

Is using cmd complicated?

 No, fixing a corrupt drive is very easy and a bunch of commands. I am also not a programmer. a common computer user can do this.

Follow the steps:

1. Insert the corrupted pen-drive or memory card to a Windows PC/Laptop.
2. Press WIN+X and select Command Prompt (Admin).
3. Now the cmd will pop-up. write the code diskpart and enter.
4. DISKPART> list disk > Enter. select the device you need to fix. select disk 1> Enter. Disk 1 is by default the device you inserted. [ Note: Very careful about selecting the device. Disk 0 is your hard drive just don’t touch it]
5. Now Disk 1 is selected > Clean > Enter.
6. Create partition primary> Enter.
fix corrupted pen-drive memory card cmd
7. Now go to My Computer or This PC. right click on the device and format. Voila! you successfully fixed your corrupted device.
Next time bit careful while using a Pendrive/ Memory card.
Conclusion :
I hope the above-described method will fix your pen-drive/memory card.
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