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SEO – The untold truths!


Hello everyone! SEO[Search Engine Optimization] is the most important thing to improve your website visibility on the internet. we all know some sets of SEO Optimization methods but ever thought then why that’s not work? This article will be the answer. the untold facts about SEO! reading this will cure your SEO Phobia.

yeah, most of the times SEO is misunderstood and misguided by some people. even the right optimization methods sometimes not give the results. why? because Google Update their algorithms to filter out spammy and over SEO optimized websites. for example, they updated their Algorithm for Sensitive Niche[Medical/Health], rankings dropped on low authority Medical, Health, and Fitness sites. Speed, Spammy Backlinks, Mobile responsive, SSL and multiple things updated since the Google created.

So, some ingenious or paid(Backlink generating) Black-hat methods won’t help you anymore. also, there is something that never expires as an SEO practice and we are about to know!

The Foremost factor of SEO and never expires that is content. so let me start with content:

1. Content:


We all know content is the king. but there are some limitations. writing unique content only matters. content length, type of content are matters too.

Unique content:

First of all, what is unique content? the content already not indexed by google? No. wait! I’ll explain. if you are searching the term “Digital Marketing” in Google you can get millions of result related to that term. take the first 10 results. all of them are related to Digital Marketing. but why they are on the first page and the first result?

Everybody wrote the same topic but only who really added value and solved the problem. deep researched content always take first place of Google. Google test multiple factors of a site to rank a content. ex: Authority(Quality Backlinks), Social Signals and comment on a page. also, Google determines content value by Bounce Rate too.

Content type/Niche:

Yes, Niche also considered ranking a site. sensitive contents like medicine and fitness are only ranked top if they linked back to High-Authority Medical Website or University. (Google “Medic” Core Update August 1, 2018) otherwise, they will not rank your site.  because medicine is the most sensitive niche. there is a lot of ways to get misguided. for example: If a person searches on Google “symptoms of the Heart attack”.

This is an emergency situation. so Google needs to show the exact result. so they decide the exact result by site Authority. If you are not a medical professional do not write anything about Medicine and Health related topics.

Affiliate websites: Google shows a different attitude towards affiliate websites. because in Affiliate there is a lot of probabilities of plagiarism. Google webmaster expert says we only rank which article added value to it. so do your original review or the reason why people land on your page. also, give “no-follow” attribute to Affiliate links.

Content spamming:

Scraping/Copying and Article spinning are ingenious methods. copy contents filtered by Google decades ago. but still, some people copy contents. not even worth it. okay, some people thought they are intelligent and they spin the content by Article Spinner. Maybe Article spinning not identified by Bots but People will easily find out the truth.

Because Spun articles are hard to read and sometimes sentences look pointless. at this point people instantly bounce from your site. If you are getting a High number of Bounce rate, you are out of the radar. so Article Spinning does not help you at all.


Yes, content length matters. Google Panda update confirmed the importance of the content. as per Backlinko founder Brain Dean case study 2000 words and above of articles ranked well than other low words articles. so try to write more but stay on the track.

The above listed are content related to SEO Facts. consider them for you write a content.

Copyright Materials:

Use copyright free or royalty free materials like Images and videos on your blog. do not use copyrighted images. also, piracy contents are prohibited. and Youtube video embedding only allowed for the non-commercial purpose.

use pixabay, pexels, and flickr like free stock image sites to get copyright free images.

2.  User Experience:

user experience

Another important untold optimization is user experience. why user experience is important? if it’s poor users will bounce. they no longer visit and stay on your blog. time on page is a very important factor in SEO. search engines use time on page and bounce rate to rank a page/post. that’s why ranking an article or page takes months.

Google continuously test the bounce rate and time on page for months and finally rank that article. if the result is poor (high bounce rate & low time on page) you will be ranked very low. out of radar. second or third page of the Google search.

Let’s see the factor we need to optimize to improve User Experience:

Page speed:

Your website or page speed is the important one. Google updated their search algorithm to give a preference for High-speed sites. when it comes to speed Hosting matters. High-speed reliable hosting is the primary tune-up to increase page speed.


Caching is another effective solution to improve the speed. use any of the free or premium caching tools ( WordPress Plugins)  to increase the speed and reduce the page load time.

Optimizing Image:

Optimizing image size ( compressing) can improve the speed. even the image size resized the size of the image will not change. so you need to compress the image. you can use any software to compress the image. in windows, I use MS paint to compress the image by resizing the pixels.

But, that’s not a shortcut. I am on WordPress. I use free image compressing plugin to compress images. search in WordPress plugin as “Smush” you will see the as the second result. just install and activate. every time you upload the image it will automatically compress the image. you can disable the compression if you want.

Test your Website/page speed on GTmetrix. GTmetrix not only measures speed always shows which factors are affecting your speed.

Read more about speed up web-page/website:

How to Speed up WordPress Website? Simple Tips that Works!

Easy ways to speed up Blog/Websites Web page for Free! (Actually works)


Themes are not only for speed also for better user experience. use simple, clean theme for better performance. select themes that are use less external CSS and other scripts. Responsive mobile friendly is very important. because of more than 50 percent of searches done by Mobile. so use responsive themes.

Test Mobile-friendly site on Google.


Fonts and font size are playing some roles. you need to select visible professional fonts. some professional fonts:

  • Helvetica
  • Arial
  • Roboto
  • Opensans

Not only these are professional fonts. but they are famous and commonly used on many blogs.

Color selection:

Do not overdesign your site with more no of colors. it’s not worth. keep it minimal. black fonts on the white background are common, clean, and neat too.

Annoying Ads:

Do not monetize with annoying ads. pop-up ads are worst. Google chrome developed their browser updates to block these kinds of ads. if a site keeps pushing pop-up ads it will be listed as a deceptive site. most of you seen this warning at least once if you are trying to browse piracy sites.

Tools to measure Bounce rate:

Google Analytics

Above factors cause High Number of Bounce rate. you need to add your site on Google Analytics. this useful free tool helps you to track Bounce rate, Time on Page, Traffic source, SEO related search queries and more useful functions it has.

If you are on WordPress use Google Analytics plugin to monitor Bounce rate, Users, Time on a page. no need to visit the Google analytics website to check the factors. Free Plugin Name: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP).

3. Security:


Another important factor that plays a great role in SEO. in this digital era every system still has some vulnerabilities. for ex: Facebook Cambridge analytica data theft scandal. so security is the preferred one.


Yes SSL is considered as ranking factor. Google officially announced and updated their Algorithm.

  1. HTTPS/SSL Update – August 6, 2014 – This update gives first priority to Secured sites.
  2. Chrome Security Warnings – July 24, 2018 – In this update latest Google Chrome Versions v68 and above mark non-SSL sites as a Not-secured site.

Don’t worry you can get SSL totally free of cost. the famous blogging platform blogger provides free SSL(Let’s Encrypt). if you are a self-hosting website owner most of the hosting providers offer Let’s Encrypt for free. unfortunately, if you don’t have Let’s encrypt install it via Zero SSL. No problem at all!

What kind of website needs SSL? If a site making Money transaction and collect sensitive information like Credit, Debit, Online banking related details that site needs more than free SSL Encryption.

Malicious contents and Behaviour:

The site contains a virus or other malicious behaviors Google will blacklist that site. generally, fake download buttons that redirect to automatic unknown software installation. this will be marked as a Deceptive activity. and the site marked as a Deceptive site. and Google Chrome does not allow to browse the site on their users.

nowadays most of the people use Google Chrome. so be smart. do not implement fake download buttons.

4. Authority & Backlinks:



If the content is king backlinks are Queen. Google and other search engines measure a site Authority by Backlinks. Not every backlink counted. Only Dofollow Quality Backlinks. also, Buying a Backlink will not help you. It’s considered as spamming.  Google Penguin Update filtered sites with Spam Backlinks.

Recently one of the Google Webmaster employes said even the Quality Backlink was built artificially Google will not consider it as Backlink. Yes, Like you I am also confused. I don’t know how they filter a Quality Backlink and how they Identify if it was natural or artificial.

There are some proven ways to build Backlinks, But Google Webmaster strictly need organic backlinks.

Infographics and Guest blogging are effective ways to build Backlinks. it’s your wish to do.

Page Rank:

No more considered as a ranking factor. but you can measure your own content quality. Pagerank was used to rank a site. now it’s not. there is no official tool to check PageRank. try third-party

So you Quality content build Backlinks for you. so focus much on content. publish deep researched useful contents. then naturally people link back to you. as per Google webmasters new update this the fact about Backlinks.

About Page:

Create a full detailed about page. share your experiences, events, achievements of yours. link your social media network profiles. you know if an Author has Verified Twitter profile it’s a plus point of Authority. because of it much more of transparent. and trustworthy.

Also, Create contact and Privacy Policy pages.

5. Keyword Research:

keyword planner

Keywords are the most important factor on a page. keywords help Search engines to understand what is the content exactly about. but do not stuff keywords. Nowadays Search engines and Google can Easily understand the content without too much of repeated keyword.

For example, A Pendrive also called as Flash drive, USB drive, Thumb drive.  so you can implement all of the names in a content to cover up all the searches related to Pendrive. another example, Amazon associates also called the Amazon Affiliate. so you need to use both terms to cover up the search query.

Longtail or Shorttail?

Generally, Long tail keywords are more specific and fewer competitions. shorttail are less specific and has more competition. target a Shorttail if your site Authority is High.

The Free Keyword research tool:

Install Keyword everywhere free tool on your web browser. it will show the volume of search in Google keyword planner. updated Google Keyword Planner does not show the exact amount of search volume.

Use Google Keyword Planner official Google tool with Keyword Everywhere.

Or Try the Powerful SEMrush All in one Digital Marketing tool:

Google Auto Suggest and Search related in Bottom of the result page also useful to research keyword and Implement.

How to Target Focus Keyword?

  • Target Keyword in a post title.
  • Post URL/Slug. most of CMS allows you to edit the URL.
  • Image Alt text. add a description if you want.
  • Sprinkle Long tail keywords inside the content. Best place: Headings, Sub-headings.

6. SEO Tools and Plugins:

SEO tools only help you to research and optimize the right way. there is no guarantee even you well optimized you are gonna be top of the Google search. they help you to find keywords, your competitors Backlinks, and other kinds of things. but, great content with well SEO optimization only gives you the result.

SEO Plugins like yoast seo or All in one seo are just tools. they are still working in the way of old search engines algorithm. there is lot updated by search engines. by the way, they guide to fix multiple issues they are not necessary.

In yoast seo readability and focus keyword always shows as an issue. sometimes technical words not understood by plugins and they mark that as readability issue. so don’t worry if your Yoast seo plugin SEO score shown red or orange. that’s not necessary to fix.

One thing I like in Yoast SEO is you can customize meta description for webmaster and social share.

7. Webmaster Submission:

Without submitting if you enabled encourage search engines to crawl they simply crawl. but you need to create a sitemap and submit it to search engine webmasters to monitor the site performance. if you are using Yoast SEO the sitemap will be like “”.

There are two types of sitemaps. XML and Html. Html is the old method but Matt Cutt suggests to implement Html sitemap page on your blog. the XML sitemap created to submit on webmasters.

Also, enable Archives, Categories widgets in your sidebar of a page. it helps bots to discover more about your contents. that same way Html sitemap helps bots to discover and crawl all of the content.


I believe above-discussed facts are changing your mindset towards SEO. Google wants things to happen naturally. they do not like to setting up something and spamming their results. they want contents. not SEO. did you ever see a high authority news blog monetized with SEO? no, you can’t. because every day they publish non-existed unique content and they get top of the pyramid.

I hope it helped you! Leave a quick comment about the article!! Share with your friends!!!

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