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How to Speed up WordPress Website? Simple Tips that Works!


Speed up wordpress site

Speed up WordPress website with these simple tips. why you reduce WordPress page load time? because website page loading time is important to SEO and User experience. Google and other search engines also like Fast websites than others. let’s see what is the possibilities to increase your website speed:

Before, Check your Website speed:

You can check it with free tools. one is google page speed insight. other is Gtmetrix. I prefer Gtmetrix because it does not only measure your website speed also suggest the improvements than Google insight you should tune.

Let’s see the steps Involve in Speed up your WordPress Site,

1. Image Optimization:

Optimizing Images of the posts and pages is the primary tune-up to improve page loading. resize your images by using free WordPress plugins like, EWWW Image Optimizer, Smush Image Optimizer. you can also use Microsoft Paint to reduce the pixels of an Image.

I use plugin. it will automatically compress an image when uploading to a site. you can disable compression option for a specific image if you need.

2. Optimizing Ads:

Most of the time if you are publishing Google Adsense or another banner ads it will reduce the speed of the site. this happens even you use asynchronous[Loads with content] ads. I know we are also not able to remove them. but you can use fewer ad units. or use plugins to minimize the requests.

Also, avoid Larger ad units if possible. it will speed up a WordPress site.

3. Removing Unwanted Plugins:

Removing Unwanted Plugins is another working method to improve your page speed.  I have used AddThis share buttons and tested it slow down the site. just check your page speed at Gtmetrix and remove the suggested fix plugins. use an alternate simple social media sharing button. stick with default Jetpack sharing options.

Gadgets Must Have:

  • Popular posts
  • Recent posts
  • E-mail subscription
  • Related posts
  • Share and follow buttons

These are the very important gadgets of a blog. remove other gadgets if your blog is slow.

4. Using Cache Tools:

Cacheing a site is the best way to improve the site speed without removing anything on the site. as I stated above Ads and some important plugins may affect the page speed but you can optimize them without removing them.

You can use WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache li plugin to optimize the page speed.

What Cache Tools Do?

  1. Cache a site
  2. Reduce Page load time for existing users
  3. Minimize HTTP requests
  4. Minify CSS
  5. Minify HTML
  6. Gzip Reduce the size of files sent from the server

5. Themes:

Use simple fast loading responsive themes to improve your site speed. you can find lots of free responsive simple themes on WordPress theme section. use filter option. install, Preview, Customize, and Activate.

Now you get the importance of themes in optimizing your WordPress site speed. Always prefer simple, clean, responsive themes for better performance.

Final Words:

Above discussed methods can speed up WordPress site possibly. Unfortunately, still, Your speed of the page is slow there is something wrong with your Hosting. try to change better hosting for better performance.

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