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How to Easily speed up your PC/Laptop without any Software for Free? (Simple and Fast) | 2018

Easy ways to speed up PC

This article we discuss speed up PC/Laptop. are you feel your PC/Laptop performs poorly? bored and tired of slow PC? let me help you to fix this without a software. why without a software? because tune-up software also takes some resources while performing the operation. tune-up software runs in background tray and also perform automatic tune-up process. you may find free tune-up software out there and they find bugs
to fix it the software will force you to buy the premium version. so we don’t need any additional software to fix your PC.
okay, let me list the methods and tips:

1. Temporary files :

A Windows PC store temporary files to run a system without a bug. However, in that temporary files may contain unwanted programs data.
by cleaning the temporary files you can increase your system disk space and performance.
How to clean TEMP files?
Press WIN+R > the Run window will pops-up > type %temp% and OK > now file manager opens with Temporary files >  press Ctrl+A and Shift+Delete [permanent delete].

run temp

that’s it. unwanted Temp files will be deleted. [Note: 1 or some files refuse to delete. just skip them.]

2. Unwanted programs:

Most of us download and install more software even if its useful or not. and we forgot to uninstall the programs we not use. unwanted programs fill your disk space. by simply uninstall them will give you the better experience. a program only uses RAM while running. then why uninstall? some programs may run in the background without your awareness. some automatically added to Startup programs list. so the uninstalling unwanted program will improve your system performance.
How to uninstall programs?
press WIN+X > select Control Panel or press ‘p’ > control panel will pop-up > go to Programs and Features > select the program you want to uninstall.

3. Background and Start-up Programs:

Just aware of what programs run in the background. the system tray. right click on the icon which is not in use right now in the system tray and exit. it will help to increase the current system performance.
How to stop Background process?
By default Bottom right side of the taskbar, you can see the Tray icon [tiny triangle] Right click on it Exit.

Also, try Right click on the system taskbar > Task Manager > Processes > Right click on the program you need to Exit > and End task.

task manager system tray
task manager processes

Start-up programs slow down your computer boot time. by disabling some startup programs can improve your computer boot time.
Right click on the system taskbar > Task Manager > Startup > right click the program you need to disable > Disable.

Disabling start up programs

4. Custom themes and skins :

This one is the common mistake we do to design the OS. if you are using a high resource PC install custom themes and skins. for low resource, PC uninstall any custom themes, skins if installed. also, use limited gadgets. remove unwanted gadgets.

5. Antivirus :

Is antivirus affect system performance? yes, if you are on low-end PC. what to do? just stick with default antivirus provided in your Windows OS. Microsoft security essential or windows defender.
I noticed some people use two or more antivirus on a single OS because they think more antivirus means more security. no, it’s definitely not. it can destroy your system.  I also recommend lightweight antivirus if you go to third-party antivirus.
Uninstall antivirus if you installed more than one. must frequently update your antivirus.

6. Windows Update:

Yes, windows updates also affect the PC’s performance. change the windows update settings to check for updates and let me choose. it will stop an Automatic updates.
WIN+X > Control Panel > Windows Update > left top Change settings >  check for updates and let me choose whether to download and install them. this will stop automatic updates.

Changing windows update settings

Always prefer to install important updates only. in important updates all things you do not need install. select which one is you need and install. sometimes needed updates are in optional updates. just check it and install.
[Note: Installing all available updates without awareness not only slow down also can break your computer.] 

7. Ready Boost:

Ready boost option comes default with Windows OS. you can use your pen-drive to share the RAM burden. use 4 gb or larger pen-drives. v3.0 pen-drives performs well. plug 3.0 pen-drive in 3.0 port.
How to do?
Insert a Pen-drive > My computer (or) this PC > Right click on the pen-drive > Properties > ReadyBoost > Dedicate this device > OK.

Windows readyboost
You can feel the smooth performance after ReadyBoost.


I just shared my best knowledge about tune-up PC/laptop without any software. I hope this will help you to fix the slow computer.
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Leave a Quik comment which is slow downed you PC/Laptop?

And which method helped to fix?

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