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Tamilrockers New Link Updates – 2019

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Before We FInd Tamilrockers New Link knowing about them is useful and interesting too!

Who are Tamilrockers? or Who is Tamilrockers Admin? is he a single person or Group of people? nobody knows. that’s the curious thing here. Even the world knows The Great Piracy website Thepiratebay owner Gottfrid Svartholm.

What they doing is releasing New Movies on their website. by uploading them they can easily generate some real money through online by Ads. generally, Tamilrockers monetized by Pop-ads. they are driving more than Million users per Day.

Averagely the Term Tamilrockers searched in Google for 13,600,000/m. anyway, their domain was banned and filtered out from Google search results due to Copyright violation. but still, they got more users. because they already famous among Indian people before film industries and producer council started taking action.

What kind of Movies Tamilrockers Release?

They Release Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bollywood and Hollywood New Movies. Tamilrockers most wanted because they release movies on their site as soon as possible movies hit theaters.

generally, they release every movie on that release day evening. this is a disaster for producers and cinema Industries.

How Tamilrockers Release New Movies?

Most of the films are Recorded in theaters and released. how they record and release movies so fast. most of the movies have international release rights.  so in some countries, Movies released soon. So they can easily record movies. as I said before they working as Group.

Who knows may they buy new movies clear prints from unemployed youths for good price. sometimes they record print at one place and audio at other place and merging them with a video editing with software.

What Kind of Prints are They Release?

  • Dvdscr
  • Pre-DVD rip
  • HD
  • True HD
  • Untouched with 5.1 Audio Channel

Movies Sizes:

  • 250 MB mobile
  • 400MB
  • 700MB
  • 1.4 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • Untouched Prints

Type Of The Site:

  • Forum like Site
  • Made of PHP
  • Torrent Site

What are Download Methods?

  • They Upload Movies as Torrent Files and Torrent Magnetic URL
  • Any simple Torrent client is Enough to Download Movie from Tamilrockers
  • Deluge, uTorrent, BitTorrent are some Free Torrent Clients
  • Downloading Movie Torrent File and Uploading it to Torrent client simple Download the Full Movie

Tamilrockers Income, Traffic, Alexa Rank:

  • Tamilrockers Latest Domain Global Alexa Rank: 14,017
  • Alexa Rank in India: 814
  • Once, They secured Alexa Ranking in India below 100. but continues Domain Blacking controlled a certain amount of Traffic
  • Tamilrockers Traffic: The Term Tamilrockers searched 13,600,000/m times per month
  • Tamilrockers Income: Their site Monetized My Pop-up Ads. usually, Pop-up Ads pay $1 USD per 1000 Pop-ups

Tamilrockers Domain Blocking:

Tamil cinema Producer Council formed an Antipiracy Squad to Find Tamilrockers and to Block their Domains. they primarily removed Tamilrockers social media Profiles and Social media Shares. Still, anybody Shares Tamilrockers new Movies link on social media the post will be removed, and the persons Account temporarily Blocked.

The link Removing and Blocking Only Happens on Facebook. rarely on Twitter. other Social Media Won’t Mind. Some social Media provide complete anonymity for their Users. ex: Reddit.

Also, Tamilrockers Domain Filtered out from Google Search results. you can’t find Tamilrockers URL on Google Search.

How to FInd Tamilrockers New Link?

Even the strict DMCA removal of Tamilrockers from the web a SImple App/Software help to Open Tamilrockers. the App is called as VPN-Virtual Private Network. Advanced than Proxy.

But this new link can be changed anytime. to find out new link follow below procedure or visit us! You need VPN to Find out Tamilrockers New Link. Both Free And Premium VPN Available out There.

>>Free Domain Unblocking Method <<

  1. Download any Free VPN
  2. Install and connect with VPN
  3. Go to
  4. Now you are automatically redirected to Tamilrockers New Link

Tamilrockers Arrest!

Tamilrockers Admin Not Arrested Yet. Kerala Police falsely Arrested small WAP Movie releasing Admins. they are downloading movies from tamilrockers and Ripping it into 4 parts to Download and watch conveniently on Mobile.

Police Tracked Down them by their Ad Network. they tracked the Withdrawl Bank Account and arrested them. but, lately, they realized they are not Tamilrockers.

Also, Tamilgun Admin Mistakely suspected as Tamilrockers Admin and Trapped by Actor Vishal and Arrested by Police. but, He is also not a Tamilrockers Admin.

The Truth is still police can’t touch Tamilrockers. they only block their Domain Names. Yes, it reduced the users of Tamilrockers significantly but Tamilrockers still Functioning Well.

Tamilrockers Influence over People:

You can find Tamilrockers Influence over people on Social Media. almost every person supports Tamilrockers. why they are supporting piracy?

There are some reasons. High Ticket rate, High first show Ticket rate, Parking, and Snacks costs triple times than outside, some people maybe not like to visit theaters and more…

Maybe regulated Theater expenses reduce Piracy. unless People Supports Tamilrockers and More Piracy sites.

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Tamilrockers Links Update List:

>> Free Domain Unblocking Method <<

  1. – New Link – Need Website Unblocking
  2. – Expired
  3. – Expired
  4. – Expired
  5. – Expired
  6. – Expired


These are some tiny details I’ve Explored about Tamilrockers. and I shared the information with you to Improve your Internet Awareness. The Internet has Both Dark and Bright sides. you can be a Bright genius or Dark genius.


  1. Not able to create an account in Tamilrockers. There’s an error in the security check option. Please fix it or guide me if it’s already fixed!!


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