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Website Quality checklist Guide by Google

website quality checklist

Hello, everyone. today’s topic is about website quality check guidelines by Google. we all start a blog or site even without knowing the basic things. did you know Google like major search engines follows some strict rules to find quality websites to show results? yes, they are using some quality limitations. here, we are gonna discuss that valuable quality checklists to improve your website ranking.

I am starting with Spamming:


Spamming is the not toleratable thing to measure website quality. first of all what is a spam? simply manipulating same or unwanted things in larger quantity. Google very strict on spamming. what kind of things identified as spam?

1. Copy contents:

copying contents from someone else blog and site will not help you to rank your site. you can quote a paragraph as a reference. but copying A to Z  will screw your site. simply google not show interest anymore to crawling your site. maybe you are a Bilingual or can write more than language. in that case, if you are writing the same content on different websites with different languages also considered as a copy content if you not configuring hreflang.

hreflang is the simple one to tell Google the site is a different language version which contains the same. sometimes your own categories are misunderstood as a copy content by Google bots. also your Meta tags too. sometimes! but you can get notification from webmaster when this kind thinks happens. you can fix that thing easily.

2. Article Spinning:

This one is the most ingenious thing people think to help them. but the truth is not. Google always updates their search engine algorithm to show quality results. people who read the spun article can easily understand you are cheating them. in Blogging profession, honest and transparent is very important. also, spun articles confuses people because of spun unknown vocabularies.

3. Spammy Backlinks:

When it comes to Domain authority Backlinks hold an important place on it. but the truth is only quality Backlinks are worth. Google wants that as a natural process. so buying backlinks will not help you to rank. instead, it will drop your ranking. beware!

4. Keywords:

Keywords are helping us to find on Google. but there is a limitation while using them. some people did Keyword stuffing( repeating same and filling relevant). no need of repeating target keywords multiple time. also, beware of using multiple related keywords without any useful content.

5. User-generated Spam feeds and comments:

Only scraping contents from a feed is not a healthy SEO Practice. it’s considered as spamming. also, spam comments will affect your site quality. that’s why you need to turn off anonymous comments.

Other Ingenius things:

ingenious seo tricks

1. Cloaking:

Cloaking is showing one content to Google bot, another for users on the same page is called cloaking. this one is the worst thing for SEO. Google penalizes sites which cheat them. It affects Google search result quality because of irrelevant content.

2. Redirects:

Sneaky Redirects can ruin your site.

3. Malicious Behaviour and Deceptive Actions:

Malicious pages which are intentionally created to attack users. also, deceptive actions like fake download button, unwanted pop-ups, aggressive pop-up ads are filtered by Google as a Deceptive site. I bet you have viewed that kind of warning on Chrome once.

4. Hidden Texts and Contents:

Like cloaking showing one thing to Bots and another to visitors. Color matching text and setting zero sizes of letters on a page to stuff keywords. these are absolute violations. next time be smart and avoid.

Some Additional tips:

Also, prefer Simple Google bot friendly crawlable themes and sitemaps. make your website as fast as possible. for Blogger speed up.

Install SSL to Improve the security of a site. you can also install free SSL. Try Let’s Encrypt via ZeroSSL.

Do not Overdo SEO[Search Engine Optimization]. Always use Copyright Free Images and other materials. Google can Filter Copyrighted contents on your site. Resizing an Image will not override Copyrights. so be smart!


Now I hope you understand how to build a Quality website. following these will improve your website ranking gradually. do not try any ingenious tricks taught by some people. Thank you for reading my Article. Helped? Leave a Quick Comment!

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  1. nice article am following your blog from many day( may be 2 months r more) you write informative content but the issue is you have little language problem please proofread your content before publishing that. or ask someone to proofread.

    get notification from webmaster when this kind thinks happens. see in this line its things not thinks

    and you have written spun many time instead of spin
    I bet you have viewed (it should be seen) that kind of warning on Chrome once.
    many more you may use auto corrector for spelling but there are many words which sounds same but means totally different.
    nothing personal take this as a constructive critic. and if u wish i can help u with proof reading

    1. Thank you for the useful comment. I believe Spun is the past tense of Spin. By the way, Mistakes happens. we are human. it’s our nature. Thank you again. Keep visiting my Blog!!


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