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White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO! | 2018

Whitehat seo vs. blackhat SEO

This post is about search engine optimization methods, explains White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO. why search engine optimization? because SEO is the most useful method to bring unlimited natural traffic forever. you can check here how to submit your blog/website to search engine  also check how to find use keywords, these are very useful for SEO. okay, let’s see kind other SEO methods which are really gonna work :

White Hat Methods :

1. Writing Original and Rich contents :

This one is very first and must you follow really if you want to be a successful blogger. a blog can only run by pure readers trust. you must earn readers trust and interest on your blog. in order to get this honest and original contents only help. not only for readers also search engines like original unique contents.

2. Relevant Keywords:

Using relevant keywords is another useful method to gain natural traffic. keywords are taken into effect only search engines shows deep interest in crawling your web page. where to find and use relevant keywords? you can get the idea from here! 

3. Submitting your blog/website to Search engines :

I may list this as third but this one is primary. submitting your blog to search engines are simple. search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo have webmaster tools to crawl and index your web page.
if you want to get more visitors to your blog, it must be recognized by search engines. you can check how to submit your blog/website to search engine?

4. Social Media promoting :

Promoting is the main part of any kind of business. to get more visitors you must promote your articles on social media like facebook, google plus, twitter, reddit and much more… you must show more interest than creating posts. create a facebook page, google plus page and place the widget on your blog/website. this can gradually increase your social media fans.

5.  Advertisements (optional) :

Only use advertisements for business blogs, like online shopping/retail, online course related sites. not suitable for who started a blog to make some money through passion. also, Google Adsense [ best monetizing network ]  have strict rules about an advertising web page.

Black Hat Methods :

1. Copy Contents :

Copy paste is one of the worst methods of SEO. we all did this when beginning of blogging. copying contents from someone else blog never going to give your visitors. if readers find out you are a fraud they will never browse into your blog again. search engines also hate duplicate contents. google bots don’t show interest to crawling and indexing.

2. Article spinning :

Some people trust article spinning can work. at some points, it can work. you can cheat search engine bots by spinning original contents but you can’t cheat a reader. spun articles are not easy to read like man-made articles. at some point, sentences can end with meaningless and stupidity. you can find free article spinners online/offline but they spin articles to a low level. if you need professional like a spun article you need to purchase credits. article spinning is the side business of SEO. don’t fall into it.

3. Keyword Stuffing :

Keyword stuffing means filling your blog with irrelevant keywords. wise blogger only uses limited amount keywords in his posts. filling your blog with hundreds of irrelevant keywords can end with blacklisted by search engines. Example: if you write an article about “how to ride a bicycle ?” , you use “how to manufacture bicycle?” like irrelevant words it can give falls result in search engines. so they don’t like reducing their reputation. repeating same keywords again and again and using invisible texts can easily identified by search engine bots. they frequently updating their bots algorithm. so don’t try to cheat them. be smart by following how to find and use keywords? 

4.  Artificial Traffic: 

Artificial traffic is also known as a traffic exchange program. you can find free traffic exchange programs online, but search engines don’t like artificial traffics. your Alexa rank may increase slightly but not google page rank. if you started a blog to make some money you making a serious mistake if you are using traffic exchange programs. google Adsense will never approve your application.nowadayss artificial traffic can easily be identified by search engine bots. also, artificial traffic never gives you a reader. it’s like a bot just visiting your page.

5. Piracy contents :

Piracy contents may be liked by some people but not by search engines. if they show results about pirated / illegal contents they receive multiple DMCA complaints. so they simple blacklist your domain does not show results. even if you are a genuine piracy content creator you may be liked by some people, not by search may also find some piracy websites on the first page of google search! there are also some exceptions if you are lucky !!

Other Contents/Methods :

We discussed the white hat and black hat methods above. but the following topics are not suitable above topics. so I explained them here :

Article Rewriting by yourself :

This is not like as article spinning. bots never meet human intelligence. this one is not a black hat method, most likely as a white hat. everybody expressing the same information by their own versions. for example, search google “How to start a bloGoogleoogle will show millions of results, but in first page 10 results best-expressed contents shown. the steps of starting a blog are the same but differently expressed by
different persons. best expressed contents take googles first page. got it?

Pornography Contents :

Pornography is approved online content in many countries by law. you must disclose your site is about adult or 18 plus only. some countries do not allow pornography. these kinds of contents are not allowed to share on social media. if you try to share it they block your id. no more social media promotions. in this case, search engines and relevant keywords only help. you can also promote your site by pop up ads, uploading watermarked videos to larger pornography websites.  pornography websites are complicated to Optimize search engines. However, you must know 70 % avg of internet traffic is pornography! 😲😲😲

Violence / Hate speech / Encouraging Terrorism :

This kind of contents is absolutely not allowed by all governments and the entire internet. don’t try to run this kind of sites online, otherwise, you will be listed on a most wanted list by law.

I hope this article will help you! Share this and Comment below :

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