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Why you should Avoid WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins! (Shocking Facts Included)

Wordpress-nulled-themesHello WordPress users! Would you like to know Why you should Avoid WordPress Nulled themes and Nulled Plugins for your WordPress site?

actually, you should aware of it. WordPress Nulled themes also called as WordPress cracked themes and Plugins.

Did you know these Nulled themes/plugins has serious disadvantages that cause harm to your site and your visitors? yes, they should do.

Here the brief explanation about How Nulled Themes/Plugins Affect your Site:

A Nulled WordPress theme or plugin is a Potential Malicious software for your website. the software can anytime exploit and find vulnerability of your site. once the theme or plugin found chances of exploiting your site your site is done. in other words, compromised.

You may think once the site got Hacked the site Goes Down. No, it’s not.  most of the times Hackers want to make money out of your site. so they don’t bring down your site. they simply Spam your Website by their Product selling links or adding additional Malicious software.

It’s Not just harmful to your site. it may affect your visitor’s device. the malicious software uses your site as a Host and started affecting all of the clients/Vistors for the same motto making money from stealing credentials from your users.

A Theme/Plugin from unknown Developer, Plugins Not listed in Plugins database also considered as a Thread to your site.

How to Find out a Hacked site and Recover?

As I said you sometimes you can’t able to realize your site has been hacked. yes, without your knowledge Hackers can Simply Spam your site for their Benefit.

Okay, How Do I Found out I am Hacked or Not?


It’s simple! Most of us submitted our site to Google Webmaster to Crawl and Index our Pages. if your site has something wrong, Google Webmaster is the First tool to Pointing it Out.

Google webmaster automatically send issues Notification to your E-Mail Inbox.

It shows notification about the issue in webmaster dashboard. also, when you search your website name in Google, Google search results also Notified as you have been hacked.

Sometimes, your site Blocked by Google Chrome Showing Message “Deceptive site Ahead”. these are some quick ways to find out Your website thread.

Unfortunately, My Site Got Hacked, What’s Next?

Recovery is certainly possible. unless you are a Tech Savvy you Need to Hire a Professional to fix your site. that’s the only way. I am also Recommend taking regular Backup of your site.

Because difficulties happen in life.

For Additional Help Contact Google Webmaster Help Forum:!forum/webmasters

I hope Now you understand the seriousness of using Nulled WordPress themes and Plugins.

Other Problems of Using Nulled Plugins/Themes:

  1. They do not get Updates.
  2. Nulled themes/Plugins may not function properly.
  3. So these Misbehaving Plugins can Crash your site.
  4. It’s Illegal to use Nulled Plugins.
  5. And you are Wasting the Hard work of a developer.

Solution For Avoiding Causes:

  1. Use Free Official WordPress themes and Plugins from Website.
  2. Always, check Before Uploading a Theme/Plugin on VirusTotal Scanner.
  3. Always, Take Backups of your site and Keep it in Cloud(ex: Google Drive).
  4. Always, Keep an Eye on Google Webmaster Notifications.
  5. If Free Themes/Plugins has Limited Features try to Buy them from Developers.
  6. Additionally use Any Anti-Malware, Firewall Plugin for your WP Site.


Yeah, That’s It. This is a Simple Guide to know the disadvantages of using Nulled WordPress themes and Plugins. I hope the post helped you to learn more about WordPress Security. To know more interesting facts about WordPress like this Subscribe our Blog and Follow us on Social Media.

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