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WordPress post title showing vertically in Admin Dashboard – Fixed

Hello, my dear Bloggers! we are about to fix the WordPress post title showing vertically in the all post’s title list. it’s a common problem. the solution is simple. let’s take a look at the problem(below picture).

wordpress-post title showing vertically

The post titles are shown in vertically and it’s not looking good. hard to read the post name to update or get a link for a specific post.

This happened because of unwanted options checked in the screen options. that too much-checked options create more columns. so post titles are forced to show vertically.

1. To fix this login to your WordPress account. using or through the hosting C panel.

2. Go to the posts and select all posts from the left side control bar in the WordPress dashboard.

3. Now you can find the Screen options in the right top corner of the dashboard.

wordpress screen options

4. Tap the Screen Options. you will see the options like below picture. uncheck some unwanted options.


5. Now tap Apply option and your post titles are now showing neat and horizontal like the below picture.



Now it’s fixed. you can use this Screen options for pages, dashboard or other settings which are displaying unaligned. share this solution with your friends. leave a quick comment if you are finding any troubles in this fix.

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